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  1. Timezone: Central Time Zone (Wisconsin, US) Discord Tag: Plant #8433 Languages: English and limited Spanish In-game name: Benny Your contributions to Fury: I've been a long time supporter of FuryPS and even Guthix before the server switched over. I spent hour after hour helping Alex test all areas of the game prior to release. In the couple of weeks that Fury was in Beta Mode I dedicated well over 100 hrs for bug detection and to make the first day of release as smooth as possible. Not only have I been here since day 1 helping players, I've created forum posts teaching people how to make money and successfully conquer 99 in desired skills. Although the posts were from when the server started, the money making guides made since then were made up of at least 90% of what was already out there (mine and other postings). Besides the forum help I'm a likeable guy in-game that plays harmless tricks on other players to keep the community atmosphere upbeat. I also help people when they need it, whether they are new or experienced, I help. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I'm an easy going guy. Anyone can approach me with questions and I am more than willing to help. I have a lot of knowledge around Runescape from before EOC and after EOC as well as knowledge of the Fury server. I've been a long time member and supporter of Fury and dedicated lots of time to learning the best ways to play the game. Not only am I a knowledgeable player, but I'm also easy to contact to share my knowledge. I have discord on my phone and laptop with notifications active making an easy route for other members or staff to contact me. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: I do work, but I manage my time allowing me to spend between 2 - 6 hrs a day. This is also during the week when I work. On weekends I spend more time on the server. I attached a picture of my total time so far while Fury as well as the time from when I helped out in Beta mode. What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: The three most important qualities that stand out to me are easy-going, knowledgeable, and easy to contact. Reasoning: Easy-going - Having a staff member that other players are either afraid to go to with questions or have a hard time relating to doesn't pose for a healthy growth and acceptance of the server. A laid back approach to situations and not jumping the gun when problems arise helps maintain strong relationships for the future with all players of Fury. This is definitely the route I plan on taking if I was granted Helper Rank. Knowledgeable - A Staff member has to know the ins and outs of the game. If other players are going to be looking to them for answers or help they NEED to know what they are talking about. I have lots of experience with Runescape and the Guthix/Fury Private Server so players would definitely get efficient and thorough answers and a maintained help until it's clear the situation is fixed. Easy to Contact - Helper Ranks can't help people if they aren't easily contactable. Anyone can get a hold of me through the FuryPS discord server or they can direct message me on discord to this tag Plant #8433. I am also very active on Fury so PMing in-game is another viable option.
  2. Woodcutting Guide!

    Fricken great guide! I didn't check the calculations, but I'm assuming they are accurate now that double exp weekend is over. Alex really needs to archive your guides and lock them at the top for easy finding. Good work
  3. Fishing and Cooking Guide

    Great guide! Very clear on what needs to be done and the pictures to the steps is amazing! Hope to see more in the future
  4. Sup

    I'm a gingy @Chillpwned
  5. Congrats to Dom Rsps on becoming the first to max in Fury!
  6. Slayer [part 1/2]

    Great work Greg! Looks amazing
  7. Extreme accounts

    Watzun, you are going down on this extreme mode competition. Benny is down right trashing you
  8. [FASTEST] Guide 1-99 Magic

    Nice guide! I'll second this being the fastest way for 1-99 magic. I was able to get 99 magic on my extreme account in a few hours, which is incredible. A suggestion I might have for getting to lvl 62 is casting the highest magic spell in the normal spell book while doing slayer tasks. You'll obtain solid magic experience as well as constitution and slayer exp. Either route will work. Good guide Beale
  9. Staff Update 11/15/17

    Thanks watzun
  10. Staff Update 11/15/17

    Thanks for the promotion! Much appreciated
  11. Waiting Game

    Today I went to the anniversary party with one of my favorite dishes made with the blood of my enemies. I was also drinking some beer and took 3 shots of vodka and right behind me was this fat chick who was giving Cameron a special gift. I opened the gift and found an extremely hairy dwarf who said to me; "Could you scratch my back?". It would be great if the dwarf had bathed once because he smells like a wet dog covered in shit. Well, isn't that rude. I would have tossed that fat hunk of meat out of a moving train except he punched me in the dick. I passed out on the floor, unaware of what was
  12. I use Deathtouched Darts to test all the bosses so I can teleport around really fast and when i use it on bork it should kill him, but he still chases after me and spawns minions. He has no hp but is still alive and looking to kill
  13. I've posted many of bugs there and I'm suggesting they get posted on forums for easy accessibility by staff and other players to view
  14. Fury Minigame 1+ Players required! Background: This minigame is a spin off of an idea that Chill had made in this forum post. He mentioned creating a Legend Dungeon which would be home to undead bosses that have a higher drop rate because they are located in the Wildy. The Fury minigame would take those bosses and put them in an intense wave formatted PvM battle with increasing difficulty yielding a higher prize the further you get. The minigame will have 50 waves and after every ten successful waves your prize increases. Each wave will consist of three of the same boss and as you increase in levels the boss difficulty increases. Eventually the bosses will have multiple attack styles making it harder and harder to pass. The difficult part of this minigame is conserving enough resources to get an almighty shot at completing all 50 waves. (The more people you have, the easier the minigame is, but I still dare you to take on the final 10 waves) All the bosses that are spanned out through each 10 wave section will be similar in difficulty.*note* Being able to strategically use your resources will be key in surviving. Waves 1-10: Starting off the bosses will be lower levels and can easily be protected by prayers, which would allow an easy solo as long as you know their attack styles. Waves 11-20: The Second set of waves will have an increase in difficulty, spanning with a mixture of higher level bosses that have one attack style, but can deal a heavier blow if protecting the wrong attack. This would also make it harder for a player to leave soul-split on to stay at or near full health when approaching the harder levels. Some of the other bosses would be lower level, but have multiple attack styles that would deal minimal damage to the player and slowly chip into their resource supply. Waves 21-30: This set of waves would be an increase in levels from the last, making the multiple attack monsters deal higher damage so prayer flicking would be recommended. Waves 31-40: The last set of waves before the ultimate challenge will be loaded with bosses that have a higher level and multiple attack styles that are very inaccurate, but if they manage to connect it could pose to be fatal. Waves 41-50: The FINAL set of waves. These bosses will not only be very high level, but they will incorporate all attributes of the prior bosses. They will all be very high leveled, have multiple attacks, and have a chance to deliver a fatal blow if the wrong prayer protection is being used. (Lots of supplies will be needed so strategy on the first 40 waves will be vital) Prizes: I’m not completely sure what I’d like to see as a beginning reward for attempting the minigame and how extreme the reward would increase through the stages. I would like to get some suggestions and after more thought I’ll edit this post and put in a prizes tab. Hope you like the idea and looking to see your feedback! - Ben
  15. I like all the suggestions here... Good job Chilly