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  1. More like +100% Zeesaa hax, but nice job!
  2. Btw, if I have multiples of it, it's for sale, hit me up
  3. Yoo, so thought I'd post a bank pic before I get cleaned again, I'm not showing full bank cause its just one, huge unorganized tab Instead I've just put all my good shit in one tab, I don't have an impressive number of skilling resources or anything so no point showing Bank Not in pic: Another divine, another set of claws, set of steads,more ragefires, tok ring which is on legend Drop Log 4x blanks in common drops are glaiven boots
  4. A Comprehensive Fury Price Guide {WIP}

    I'd put ags at 125-150 at least, I sold one in ge for 150m in a few hours yesterday, and bandos at 70-80m a piece, other than that looks good, thanks! EDIT: div 800m+
  5. Player owned houses (POH)

    +1 need that dungeonnn
  6. AdamR's Helper application

    Support for Adamr as helper! He's always answering people's questions in help cc and is very active ingame in general Edit: aw cmon no forum rank at all
  7. Got rolled by these boys, nearly killed a couple as they ran away but then went for one in void with a cbow or something, he smited and 2hit me for my gano lol