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  1. Resource/Drop Guide

    This guide is a compilation of resource locations/dropping monsters I've put together through every time I've found I needed one of these items and had to ask about it. The easiest way to find what you're looking for is to Ctrl+F search for it on this page Herblore/Farming Items: Herbs - Slayer monsters. Aberrant spectres, Strykewyrms, Dark Beasts, Abyssal demons etc - Farming Seeds - Slayer monsters (same as above), pickpocketing master farmer in Draynor MAKE SURE TO PICK UP WATERMELON SEEDS TOO Supercompost - Use weeds on compost bins located at Catherby, Falador and Ardougne patches then close the bin with empty buckets in your inv, click 'empty' on the compost bin once the option becomes available (10-15 mins after closing) Secondaries: (If you need a secondary, remember to check if it is available at the Ironman herblore store first) Limpwurt Root - Farming seeds is currently the best way to do this Seed stalls in Draynor provide up to 20 limpwurt seeds commonly, I got 100 seeds in 5 mins - Limpwurt Root spawn in hill giant resource dungeon (Level 20 Dungeoneering requirement to enter) Tip: Fastest way to edge dungeon is skilling tele -> Fishing -> Barbarian Village and running to the entrance THIS IS CURRENTLY BUGGED FOR IRONMEN, SHOULD BE FIXED ASAP - Edimmu Drop (35 at once), 95 dungeoneering req Ground blue dragon scale - Blue dragon scale obtained from baby blue dragons (Taverley dungeon) **************************************8 - Use blue dragon scale on pestle and mortar to obtain ground blue dragon scale Red Spiders Eggs - Spirit Spider scrolls (level 10 summoning). Using the scrolls spawns red spiders eggs around you which you can pick up Other Resources Bars/Ores: -Gargoyles -Iron/Steel/Mithril dragons -Dagannoth Rex -Edimmu (95 dungeonering req) -Dagannoth Rex (Good source of coal and iron ore) -Black demons (drop lots of silver and some coal ore) -Living Rock Patriarch (Higher level npc in living rocks) drops diamonds, spawns every couple minutes Runes: -Barrows (Death, blood, mind) -Gargoyles (Chaos) -RC teletabs give around 3000 runes an hour -Living Rock Patriarch (fastest blood rune source) Gems: -Bork (periodic spawn time depending on donator status, also drops charms) -Living Rock Patriarch Misc Items: Black Mask: Cave horrors (must be wearing witchwood icon) Location: City -> Mos Le Harmless tele, run north out of city gates and immediately turn right and run directly east until you see a fence. Run south along the fence to the beach and follow the beach round to the cave entrance