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  1. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    haha too good
  2. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    you can literally afk most of the fight kiln in rs3 lol
  3. Agility Guide

    Yeah haha i wasn't really feeling like playing yesterday i i decided id make some guides instead
  4. Agility Guide

    1-99 Agility Guide by Box Box Box This is my Quick Agility Guide for Fury, You don't really need any equipment so lets get straight into it! Before we start i would like to tell you guys that Every lap you do on an agility course you will earn Agility Arena Tickets which you can either spend on Experience, Items from the agility store or sell them to other players for 100-150k each. The number of agility tickets changes per course and depending on your Donator rank you will get more for the higher ranks So if you can either make agility faster for yourself or make a lot of money off it depending on what you do with your agility arena tickets. Agility store: Cap'n Izzy no-beard can be found in the middle of the Gnome agility course or at the start of the wilderness agility course. He will take your tickets in exchange for equipment of Experience 1-35 Gnome Course To start off we are going to be heading to the Gnome Agility Course so head into your spell book and find skilling teleports and click Agility and then Gnome Agility Course. Now that we are here all we need to do is follow the course! Step one: Step two: Step Three: Step Four: Step Five: Step Six: Step Seven: 35-52/35-85 Barbarian Agility Course To get to this agility course all you need is to go back to your spellbook and head to the agility section of the skilling teleports and click on Barbarian Outpost Course and then Squeeze through the pipe to get into the course Step One: Step Two: Step Three: Step Four: Step Five: Step Six: Step Seven: 52-85 Wilderness Agility Course Warning this Course is in the Wilderness so other players can attack you here! I advise if you do not want to risk it here just stay at the Barbarian Course till 85 Agility To get here you will need to go back to your spellbook and head over to the Agility section of skilling teleports and click on the Wilderness Course and when you first get there you will need to walk up the gated path Step one: Step Two: Step Three: Step Four: Step Five: 85-90 Advanced Gnome Agility Course Now that we are 85 Agility we can access the advanced version of the gnome course! to start Teleport back to the Gnome agility Course, Now the start of this course is exactly the same as the basic course except you will need to take a different route once you reach Step Four. so this will star from step four of the course Step Four: Step Five: Step Six: Step Seven: 85-99 Advanced Barbarian Agility Course Now that we have reached the level to access the advanced stage of the Barbarian Outpost we can finally get agility to 99! So the we will start at step three of the normal barbarian course and continue onto the advanced course! Step three: Step Four: Step Five: Step Six: Step Seven: Step Eight: And that concludes my 1-99 Agility guide and i wish you luck on your road to your Agility mastery!
  5. Mining Guide

    1-99 Mining Guide by Box Box Box Equipment First of all before we start on our mining journey we are going to have to visit the Mining Instructors Store in the Tutorial Island Mine. To get here you can teleport using your spellbook, Use the Skilling teleports and make your way to the mining sections and click the first option to take you to Tutorial Island mines Bronze Pickaxe = 1 Mining Iron Pickaxe = 1 Mining Steel Pickaxe = 6 Mining Mithril Pickaxe = 21 Mining Adamant Pickaxe = 31 Mining Rune Pickaxe = 41 Mining Dragon Pickaxe = 61 Mining You can buy all of the pickaxes except the Dragon one from the Instructors Store shown above To get a Dragon Pickaxe you will either need to buy off a player for 5-10m or camp chaos Dwarfs on the Chaos Dwarf battlefield for it to drop. You can also get the Golden Mining suit which with every piece equipped will give you a 6% Experience boost or 1% boost per piece. To get this outfit you will need to actively mine Crashed stars whenever they fall and hand in the Stardust to the alien when the star is fully mined and you will have a chance at getting a piece of the Golden Mining Suit Now that we have our Equipment sorted we can start! 1-15 Copper/Tin First up we are going to the Tutorial Island mining spot, use the mining teleport option which is on the 3rd page in the skilling teleports in your magic book Now that we are here we can start mining our Copper or Tin for 15 mining which should not take long at all and you can even use the deposit box here to bank the ores or if you make them into bronze bars you can bank those here too! 15-30 Iron Ore Now that we have 15 mining now we can move onto mining iron ore! Teleport using the mining skill teleport and head to the Desert Mining Camp 30-77 Coal Ore (preferred method) Now that we are 30 mining we can move on to mining Coal which is right next to the Iron ore we were just mining! This is my preferred method because you will have plenty of coal for when you need to start your Smithing grind. Don't forget to pickup a Rune Pickaxe from Bob when you reach level 41 mining! 35-45 Sandstone (unpreffered method) This next method is used if you want a faster experience rate, There is no deposit box at this mining site you will need to ::empty your inventory (The sandstone is the more yellow coloured rock) To get here you will need to go into the training teleports and find bandits on the second page of the options from the bandits teleport you can follow the path in the imagine below. 45-77/99 Granite (Unpreffered method) Now Granite mining is pretty much the exact same as mining sandstone its even the the same Quarry but this time instead of mining the yellow coloured rock we will be mining the duller pinkish coloured rocks You can either stay here till 77 mining for continue till 99 whichever you prefer! 77-80-99 Coal Ore Deposits (Living Rock Caverns) (Dangerous) Now that we have 77 mining we can head to the Living Rock Caverns and mine a whole bunch of coal! Make sure to have some prayer potions as you will need at least 43 Prayer for this method because you will need to Protect from Ranged and Melee here Head into your spell book and make your way into the mining teleports and head to the third page and click Living Rock Caverns I usually just have 2 prayer potions in my inventory when mining here so i can keep my prayer up. All Around these Caverns you will find Mineral Deposits that you can mine Coal/Gold from you can mine you should get a few inventories out of each Mineral Deposit which makes for very quick Coal/Gold collection and good XP You can tell the difference between the Coal and Gold deposits by the colour of Ore in them Coal Deposit: Gold Deposit: You will need to mine the Coal Deposits from 77-80 and then gold ones from 80-99, Once you have a full inventory of Ores you can use the Pully lift near the entrance to bank all the ores you have collected And that concludes my mining guide! I wish you luck on your road to 99 mining!
  6. Good work with all these updates guys!
  7. FuryPS Log-In Interface Window

    Really good idea i hope this get added
  8. PvP UPDATE - Soulstones!

    Looks pretty interesting, thanks for the update!