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  1. Gimik' Mining Guide

    Guide will be updated as needed, over the weeks it will contain any needed tips and answers for all areas of mining.
  2. Gimik' Mining Guide

    GIMIKS 1-99 Mining Guide In this guide i am going to attempt to you guide you through levels 1 all the way to 99 in mining. This guide is aimed to achieve 99 in the most efficient way, detailing different methods and how you can mine for profit, resource farming.. or purely for experience. Level 1-30 At this point, I Hope you have acquired yourself a Adequate Pickaxes. If you have not, you can pick one up from Bob just north of the Edgeville Bank. You should now begin your mining adventure by hitting the skill teleport spell located in your Spellbook magic tab. You will want to locate the Mining skill and click it. This will bring up a list of locations for you train mining. Select Desert Mining Camp as your destination. You should arrive here; a quiete mine located in Al Kharid, this mine contains Tin, Copper, Iron and Coal Rocks. At this stage we will be focusing on the Tin and Copper Ore until you have Reached 30. Your Ore is Bankable at the nearby Deposit Box located upon landing after teleport. Level 30-65 At this stage i Hope you have upgraded your required pickaxe to your adequate level. Using your skill teleport you want to teleport yourself too 'Varrock South-East' You should Land Here; just south of eastern Varrock, there will be copper, tin and of course what we will be focusing on: Iron. This is Fast Experience for a low level miner, it provides sufficient rocks to allow for continuous mining, the deposit box is located Just north a few steps to provide you with maximum efficiency for XP and resource farming. Levels 65-99 By now you should have acquired a Rune Pickaxe at the least, You may also choose of purchased a Dragon Pickaxe from another player, or Obtained from Chaos Dwarves on the Battlefield. Using your mining teleports, you should now teleport to a place called the Mining Guild. You should land here after teleporting; a place with a close deposit box, and multiple coal rocks, which we will be focusing on. You can circulate through the highlighted rocks to allow for high proficiency and constant flow of mining rocks. You will notice the distance on the deposit box is once again very close. Further North into the mining guild you will locate an arrangement of Mithril Rocks. these rocks offer good experience rates at a cost of time as they are generally slower to mine. I do suggest mining these Mithril rocks as they do provide good experience and do hold monetary value to the Smithing skill. Alternative to Resource Mining; Levels 60-99 Granite and Sandstone Power Mining Use the training teleport; Select Bandits; Now using your Map to Locate the Quarry just South of Bandits you should be able to get there in about 30 seconds. Here you will find an arrangement of sandstone and granite rocks. These rocks provide excellent experience rates but provide absolutely 0 monetary profit on Fury. if you do not have a desire for money or resources i would suggest using this way to gain experience. Seeing as there is no deposit box within a walkable location, i would suggest using the ::Empty command to unload your inventory without having to drop. Alternative Options 2 Gem Stones Using your mining teleport, locate Gem Rocks; Then select the Shilo Village option; You Should End Up Here; Here you will find 7 Gem Rocks that offer generous experience at a low re spawn rate, you can deposit the Gems at a nearby deposit box if you wish to craft/fletch them later, if not i would suggest the ::empty command again to ensure optimum proficiency for experience. Alternative Option 3 Shooting/Crashed Stars The added bonus minigame that adds exceptional mining experience is the crashed stars. They appear all over Fury at multiple different locations and are easily tracked down, You can Find a list of crashed star locations at Sammys Crashed Star Guide HERE A player is able to mine a crashed star using an adequate pick and the prerequisite mining level, Given the level of the Star fallen multiplied by 10 is the level required to mine that star with XP varying for each. STAR EXP RATES AT ALL GAME LEVELS TO BE ADDED ASAP Let the Grind Begin, I Hope this Guide helps with all your Mining needs. I have Left out Experience Rates because you can use this guide on all Levels of Difficulty. This was just a guideline on how to Efficiently achieve 99 Mining.
  3. Lena Oxton's Crafting Guide

    Wow, Certainly something that has set a standard.