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  1. Skate's Helper Application

    Timezone: Central Daylight Time (GMT-5) Discord Tag: SkateLakai#1489 (Skate) Languages: English, Entry level Spanish InGame name: Skate (main ,legend) & SkateLakai (alt, reg) Your contributions to Fury: I have found and reported bugs in the server and always on the lookout for them. Made a few suggestions to the game. I try and help out other players as much as i can to the extent of my knowledge. Whether it be price checks, answering questions, or linking to forum threads, if I know the answer I am glad to help. I have donated some money to help the server (waiting for my diamond rank on forums). I am somewhat newer to Fury but I have contributed a good amount of time into playing the game. Not only did I bring my laptop with me on vacation to the Dominican Republic (my girlfriend did not enjoy me playing there, however I loved playing on the beach with a drink in my hand lol) I have a Legend account which is almost at max combat and working its way to 99 slayer (currently 85). Which is why people may not have noticed me in game too much, but it has shown me a very big portion of the server and brought forth tons of knowledge to me of the game. I also have Discord on my phone active 24/7. I do work full-time but I try to be pretty active on it. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I will work even harder to answer and help other players out, and continue to grind fury to enhance my knowledge of the server. I will continue to search for bugs within the game and report them. I'll do my best to up my in-game time as well as activeness on discord and start using the forums and trying to make the forums more active and enjoyable for players to use. I have been admin on other servers as well as owned my own server for a few months so I know what it takes to run a server as well as being a good and fun addition to the community. Most importantly I will try my best to enhance the quality of the community in the server and make the game more enjoyable for new comers and anyone that has questions. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: Woah this is weird and I just noticed it but both my accounts have the exact same time played LOL. Anyways, the regular was my first account that I created when I joined fury, does have max combat but it is mainly my skiller now. My legend was created about a week or two after my regular. My legend has hardly any AFK time (cant waste those stacked Vote Book exp bonuses) It may not look like it, but I am not always logged into both accounts at the same time, I mainly play my legend. I do work full time Monday-Friday, leave my house around 6am and dont get home till around 430pm, but you can almost always find me online when I get home. Around 5pm until 10pm is my usual play time unless I have something going on. Weekends vary, some days I'll be on all day others not so much, but I am just about always on at least a few hours a day. Considering I am 21 years old I do go out some weekends to enjoy life outside of the screen What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Respect, respect to all other players and to the game itself. Loyalty, to the server and everyone that plays. Being kind/helpful/mature, not everyone comes into the game with the same knowledge of the game as others. When handling some situations, like arguments, that tend to happen in the server you need to be mature and try to settle it, or worse case mute/jail/ban(If helpers are able to)
  2. Quick QOL Suggestion

    Would be cool to add a little box somewhere on the screen that is a countdown for things such as potions (anti-fire, overloads..etc) so you know when you need to take another sip, vengeance so you know when you can cast again, teleblock so you know when you can tele if it has been cast on you and so on. Would help out PvM'ers and PvP'ers a ton. Could be a toggle on and toggle off button as well for the people who do not want it. Or at least make the warning text for things such as anti-fires a different color than the rest of the chat box so it doesn't get lost in the non stop "youre potion protects you from the heat of the dragons breath, your shield absorbs most of the dragons fiery breath" text. Sincerely, Someone who has died from dragons a few too many times lol