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  1. Staff Application

    Timezone: Edt/Est Discord Tag: Mokuba##5356 Languages: English, German InGame name: Mokuba Your contributions to Fury: Helping players as much as I can and after the holidays ill be donating close to 1,000.00$ Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: I enjoy playing this game so much and I want everyone to have the best experience so if that me helping as much as I can How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: 7-8 hours What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Honestly, loyalty, friendliness
  2. Farming Charms

    For any new person joining or any current member struggling to find charms look no further, charms can be a pain to sit there and grind out. but Hell Hounds found at Taverly Dungeon are the easiest way to farm then. Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim. . The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. Once you teleport to the dungeon go through the tunnel to the dragons and stay right and youll run into black demons, then poison spiders and youll be there! ~Mokuba