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  1. Sym's Bank Update 17/10/18

    Bank is looking very clean, need bronze (g) seeing as its the best armor in the game as snowy mentioned
  2. Majority of the things in POH aren't coded such as the games in the games room as well as the dungeon, which simply cannot be built. Furthermore, if we could get marble to be white over blue which looks like it was coloured in MS paint it would make houses look a lot cleaner. Finally, can we have an option to rotate rooms without removing the room completely and rebuilding it. Thank you, very much for reading this suggestion
  3. Vote Shop Feedback?

  4. Need to see you get a sigil drop now that i found a method for you to use!
  5. Thank you very much glad you liked it Thanks, you should! it might be better than your current method although i wouldnt know since i dont have dom bow
  6. Slayer Drops Guide with Tips

    Great guide astro, we will figure out this spoiler thing eventually!
  7. Glad you like it. I'll be testing nex solo methods next week
  8. Welcome to AdamR's Corporeal Beast guide, in this guide i will be displaying the new method and minimum gear to solo corp. Note- for this guide you will need to have at least 99 magic, Ganodermic armor either, a Farseers kite-shield or any kind of spirit shield and minimum a Staff of Light. Firstly lets begin with items and inventory: Item setup Now you need Ganodermic armor due to the high magic defence bonus you get from wearing ganodermic armor. you want your best tier ring although you can just wear a Ring of Wealth (I) or whatever you have available to you. Also, as a substitute to Max Cape you can wear a god cape from mage bank (which has better magic attack stats), shield wise you have to have any type of spirit shield or a Farseers kite-shield due to the high magic defence bonuses they provide, boots can either be Ragefire or Infinity boots, use your best in slot. Finally, barrows gloves are a must along with either a Fury or an Arcane Stream Necklace. Inventory Setup Inventory wise you need at least three 4 doses of Extreme magic potions 4 brews if you make a mistake and 5 super restores or 2 super restores and 3 prayer potions as well as the runes to cast blood barrage. Blood barrage cast Note make sure you have the defence symbol enabled before you go to the Corporeal Beast when casting blood barrage Prayer- The Method- You can skip to 45 seconds if you only want to see how to deal with the dark core. Also, you want to space at least 7 game spaces away from corp. Note- When dealing with the dark core you want to move as soon as he dives until at least 3 squares away. Within the video you can see first hand what i mean by doing so. Welcome to the end of the guide, i hope you understand fully on the method and gear setup. Now good luck on getting your spirit shield pieces. Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on discord, in game or comment on this forum. AdamR
  9. AdamR Introduction

    Thank you very much sir
  10. AdamR's Helper application

    Timezone: +3 GMT Discord Tag: AdamR#1064 Languages: English, Arabic InGame name: AdamR Your contributions to Fury: I've created a thorough Bandos guide for different tiers of equipment available to player, furthermore, i am fairly consistent on helping people in the 'Help CC'. As well as creating a guide on a new method to solo corp. Why would you make a good addition to the staff team?: Due to me having no obligations until January i am online on Fury every day thus easing the workload for the other staff members. I am extremely active in the 'Help' CC as well as being active when it comes to answering pm's on the server. I used to be ranked on a different server so i understand what is required and expected of a staff member. Furthermore, due to me being maxed and working on Completionist cape requirements i am free to answer questions almost all the time. How much time do you spend on Fury daily?: 10 - 12 hours What do you think are the three most important qualities of a member on the staff team?: Approachable, knowledgeable and finally setting an example for other players.
  11. Wow great update, thanks Fury and Nando for putting this together
  12. AdamR Introduction

    actual demon
  13. AdamR Introduction

    Hello, i got peer pressured into making one of these. My name is Adam, its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I've been playing Runescape since early 2004 towards the end of RC classic, I am 19 years old. I had previously maxed on RS2 just before EOC was released, I've got a fair bit of game knowledge. I am from England, but currently live abroad. Feel free to message me in game and its a pleasure to make new friends on this server.
  14. Trodal Helper/Forum Mod Application

    I've only been a member of the Fury community, for one month. And Trodal most certainly does help out whenever he's on, always friendly and a pleasure to see online. Not sure if it makes much of a difference but +1 from me
  15. Adamr's Bandos guide

    Thanks i'll need to think of what guide to do next though haha