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  1. Sym's Resignation

    Sad to see you going, good luck in the future boss man <3
  2. My Resignation

    Going to miss you. I'm happy to have been a member of the staff team at the same time as you
  3. Bloodwood Tree's - The easy way!

    Nice guide, make sure to mention sometimes you need to relog because the tree is sometimes invis, but gj none the less
  4. Zzstatic Helper Rank Application

    You are extremely friendly, good to talk to and an overall good guy, good luck with your application and try pump out a couple of guides.
  5. Hiaya

    Hi Evoked, already seen you in game. Haven't been called a cunt as of yet, My names Adam, 19 as well and enjoy your time at fury.
  6. Will miss you lots, had a great time playing with you sad to see you leaving
  7. Sym's December Suggestions

    looks great mate +1 to everything well thought out suggestions and detailed post good job my guy <3 oh and first. Still a +1 to all suggestions, would also like to see construction cleaned up in the future after all these updates
  8. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Thanks i'll try I know the cash stack is next level, biggest bonk on staff team 4 sure
  9. The update on the bank is peng
  10. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Thanks, ive been looking for God, im too poor
  11. AdamR's mediocre bank

    Thanks man i've really been working on my cash stack Thank you very much
  12. Thought i would join in the fun and show you guys my pretty average bank
  13. haha no problem glad you liked it :), gl on drops!!