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  1. Sweet deal, seeing some of these updates make me eager to get out into the wilderness and try the bosses. Thanks again Nando and Fury.
  2. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    I am not the greatest PvMer lol
  3. Upgrade Fire Cape via Tokkul

    I like your idea, but I think Kiln is difficult on rs3 and I like a challenge, but that's me, so let's just add Kiln.
  4. Top Donator Event - August

    I would love runner up titles!!!
  5. Shift Drop

    My other post must have been deleted. My suggestion would be adding shift drop, it would quicken time of power training skills aka mining, wc, fish, cook, fletch, smith, un wanted items. I don't see any cons in it, only pros.
  6. Hey, just checking in, but I haven't played a single PC game on my account. I had a few items that you mentioned above disappear, along with my almost 9k arrow shafts? ( you can see I was grinding those the time someone trolled me and said there was a drop party at pc ) around 9:30pm-10pm UTC
  7. Toolbelt in game?

    Love this idea!~