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Found 1 result

  1. Suggestion/bug list

    I'll be putting my suggestions and bugs for the server in here. General Suggestions: -fix bankers not responding, for example in draynor, only clicking the booth works -Add RC guild robes -Fix Evil Tree in quest tab saying there's an evil tree when there is none -Custom titles with difficulty of the account/or able to see other people their difficulty other than highscores -Make mix potions drinkable or remove from mithril dragon droplist -Fix prayer reduction stats from armor, currently not effective -Verac's flail currently does slash damage, this should be crush. Source -Remove Fire Cape from mystery box/vote book -When in combat, the NPC you're fighting is not always "on top" / "visible" due other NPCs being above it making others invisible. -Complete Curse Prayers, they only give the base status but no actual bonuses or increasing stats -Add Ava's accumulator effect to Ranging Cape ( (t) ) -talk to and configure on the charming imp are turned around -Add Waterfall Dungeon http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Waterfall_Dungeon PVM Suggestions: -Add loot for Monkey Guards, as they currently drop nothing -Fix Yaks not fighting back -Steel dragons are not weak to magic, while they should be. Source -Add more drops than just bones to Hellhounds -Add drops to Waterfiends -Reduce aggro distance at Tormented Demons -Add attack animation for Fire Giants -Add Fire Giants to Smoke Dungeon -Fix Wild Dog aggro to players above lvl 71 Source -Fix Divine effect, does not drain pray in a proper way. PVP Suggestions: -None as of now since it's still very much WIP Skilling Suggestions: -add Sorceress's Garden (Thieving) -Add buckets to farming shops (for super compost) -Give Farming: "check health" exp -Increase the duration of a fire when logs are added (bonfire) -Add Taverly/Varrock Ivy's to teleports (WoodCutting) -Fix Potter's Wheel to create Unfired Plant Pot (Since I can't get the unfired plant pot, I don't know if Pottery oven works yes or no) ^In addition, check if saplings can grow in plant pots. -Decrease the impact of fire on Evil Tree, it kills it ridiculously fast -Fix not being able to chop an evil tree when the spot in front of you is lit on fire -Fix logs not being able to set on fire from the inventory in dungeoneering, work around: drop logs and right click -Fix Runecrafting where ZMI gives blank spaces in inventory and an altar for exp is randomly selected while exp should be per rune (source) -Add Pirate Impling to PuroPuro -Implings in PuroPuro are all set to certain locations/spawn timers. This removes the variation and fun of puropuro. With that said, there's only 1 kingly impling spawned at the north east but nowhere else. -Fix Mutated Vines not re-spawning properly (excluding when server gets reset/updated) -Fix box traps(Hunter) not showing properly when they've collapsed. -Add effigys Iron man suggestions: Completed Suggestions/fixes: Want your suggestion on my list? Either reply or PM me in-game!