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Found 11 results


    So everyone has been asking in game for a more up to date price guide. now please note this is current market and prices always fluctuate, so please use this a rough guide only and should stop you getting scammed. Price's correct as of 30/01/2019.. Anything missed please let me know and ill be happy to add it. Things like Void/Chaotics/Kiln Cape/Tok Ring/Charming Imp are untradeable. Torva, Pernix and Virtus sets - 1.2B ea (400m ea piece) Bando's Set - 140-160M (70-80M ea piece) Armadyl Set - 120M (40M ea piece) Royal Dhide Set - 20M ( Dhide obtained from killing Qbd) Ganodermic Set - 80-100M (Beware.. This does Degrade) Dagonhai Set - 20M Dharok's Set - 40M (10M ea piece) Akrisae Set - 40M (10M ea piece) Verac's Set - 32M (8M ea piece) Guthan's Set - 28M (7M ea piece) Karil's Set - 24M (6M ea piece) Torag's Set - 20M (5m ea piece) Frozen Key Pieces - 200M ea Purple P'hat - 2.5B White P'hat - 4B Green P'hat - 3B Yellow P'hat - 3.5B Red P'hat -4B Blue P'hat -5B All Hween Masks - 1B ea Santa Hat - 700M Generic Cosmetics - 2M ea piece Gilded Armour - 10M ea piece Donor Scrolls - 300M every $10 Vote Books - 5M Mystery Box - 30-40M Overload Potions -900K-1M Rocktails - 10K ea Coal - 20K ea Cannon Ball - 3K ea Hexcrest & Focus Sight - 30M ea Black Mask - 5-10M Agility Tickets - 100K ea D Bones - 100-150K ea Frost Bones - 400-500K ea Ourg Bones - 150K ea Dag Bones - 200K ea Infernal Ashes - 85K ea Mahogany Logs - 10K ea Magic Logs - 15 -20K ea Grenwall Spikes 15K ea Dragonbone Upgrade Kit - 450M Dragon Boots - 5M Bando's Boots - 8-10M Steadfast Boots - 180M Ragefire Boots - 140M Glaiven Boots - 150-160M Ranger Boots - 15M (Robin Hat 10M, set 25M) Dominion Bow - 2.5B (Hard to find seller) Dominion Staff - 2B (Hard to find seller) Dominion Sword - 2.3B (Hard to find seller) Armadyl Godsword - 150M Zamorak Godsword - 130M Saradomin Godsword - 100-110M Bandos Godsword - 35M Saradomin Sword - 20M Staff Of Light - 20M Armadyl Staff - 70-90M Poly Staff - 120-150M Zamorak Spear - 300-350M Dragon Claws - 300M Zaryte Bow - 300M Abyssal Whip - 8-10M Abyssal Vine Whip - 150M Dark Bow - 3-5M Obby Maul - 5-10M Granite Maul - 5-8M Dragon Hatchet - 7M Dragon Pickaxe - 5M Gilded Dragon Pickaxe - 10-15M Vesta Set - 120M (40M ea Piece) Statius Set - 90M (30M ea Piece) Morrigans Set - 75M (25M ea Piece) Zuriels set - 60M (20M ea piece) Statius Warhammer - 35M Vesta Longsword - 50-60M Vesta Spear - 30M Zuriel's Staff - 30M Soulstones - 3M ea PLEASE NOTE> CURRUPT IS THE SAME VALUE. BOTH TYPES DONT DEGRADE Spectral Spirit Shield - 150M Arcane Spirit Shield - 180-200M Divine Spirit Shield - 800M Elysian Spirit Shield - 1B Dragon Fire Shield - 40M Ring Of Wealth - 200k (Can be made easily) Ring Of Wealth (i) - 50M Berzerker Ring - 5M Berzerker Ring (i) - 30M Warrior Ring - 5M Warrior Ring (i) - 25M Seer's Ring - 3M Seer's Ring (i) - 20M Archer's Ring - 4M Archer's Ring (i) - 20-22M Amulet Of Fury - 30-40M Berzerker Necklace - 40M Uncut Onyx - 35 - 40M Blood Necklace - 300M Fero Ring 800-850M
  2. FLOWER POKER (FPING) So i have decided to make a Flower Poker guide as the number of people wanting to get involved is rising and the amount of scammers is becoming apparent so this guide will stop them if the steps are followed.. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS GAMBLING SO LOSS OF CASH AND ITEMS ARE AT RISK. PLEASE ONLY GAMBLE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD. 100M NETT WORTH NEEDED TO FP. MIDDLE MAN NEEDED TO WITNESS EACH HAND AND HOLD ITEMS/CASH. PLEASE USE A MEMBER OF STAFF IF AVALIABLE OR A HIGH LEVEL DONATOR. TRUSTED MIDDLE MAN ONLY. IF NO MIDDLE MAN AVALIABLE TO WITNESS PLEASE USE SCREEN RECORDING SOFTWARE IN CASE OF SCAM. BOTH PARTIES PLANT AT THE SAME TIME. DONT GET AHEAD OF YOUR OPPENENT IN THE PLANTING PROCESS BY MORE THAN 2 PLANTS. So in order to get started all you need is 100m net worth and a brave heart to part with your cash or items! In this guide i will simply explain how to play and the colours of the flowers to help you understand. First thing you need to do is get yourself over to ::gamble. This will teleport you to the gamble area which is the enterance to castle wars. PLEASE NOTE: THERE WILL BE A WARNING MESSAGE IN CHAT WHEN YOU TELE THERE. After this go talk to the Gambler and buy yourself some Mithril Seeds ready to play FP. So now you have your seeds and you are ready to FP. find yourself an opponent and agree an amount to FP and make sure a MIDDLE MAN is present! so the aim is to plant 5 seeds and hope you match the following hands but beware if you dont match any of the following your hand will be a bust. so in this order, your hands will be: 1P - 1 Pair of any colour 2P - 2 Pairs of any colour 3Oak - 3 of a kind. 3 plants of the same colour FH - full house. 3 plants of the same of one colour and 2 plants of another colour 4Oak - 4 of a kind. 4 plants of the same colour 5Oak - All 5 colours are the same! white and black plants can be your friend or a nightmare. They automatically repeat the plant process for both people. So if your on the way to a bust and your last plant is a white or black, then it will of saved you losing to your opponent for that hand. In the above example, this is what a 3OAK will look like. Now you know the basic in's and out's of flower poker you can get yourself out there! Anything you guys want me to add comment below and ill be sure to add it! also if you want me to run through FP with you and im online ill be more than happy to do so! Enjoy!
  3. There is a really nice button in the client that looks like this: . It can be pressed and a screenshot of your current ingame screen to be saved to your harddrive. Now, some of you might have wondered, "Now where exactly do I find this magical Screen Capture?" LOOK NO FURTHER. This guide will show you in depth step by step how to take, find, and upload a screenshot to the forums with little or no computer experience. STEP 1 Take a screenshot. I know this step might seem a bit redundant, but to stay true to the preamble, I have to say this. To take a screenshot with the client, simply press the button on the bottom right of your chatbox located here: Once you press this button, a message in you chatbox will appear like so: You might think to yourself "well, what is and where is my data folder...?" A data folder is a place where an application stores data on your computer. Fury is of no exception, and has a data folder that is easy to find. STEP 2 Finding your Data Folder(PC ONLY) To find your data folder open your File Explorer. It has an icon that looks like such on windows 10: it is usually located on your taskbar, but you can search for it on your computer by typing in File explorer in the search function. Once opened, you should see a screen like so: Click on and open your Local Disk (C:) The filepath that you will follow to get to the screenshots folder will be as follows: This PC > Local Disk (C:) > Users > (your account) > .fury > screenshots The screenshots are named by the date and time they were taken. This makes it easy to sort and find the ones you are looking for. STEP 3 Uploading your Screenshot to the forum This, while being one of the easiest parts, is one of the most crucial parts. To upload an image to the forum you can simply drag and drop it from the file explorer that we pulled up in the last step, or you are able to select the image(s) that you wish to upload via the media uploading feature provided by the forum. When you press "choose files..." you can go to the same filepath: and select the screenshot(s) you wish to upload. Thank you all for viewing my guide. I hope it has helped. Here's a picture of my cat to help sweeten your experience.
  4. Farming Charms

    For any new person joining or any current member struggling to find charms look no further, charms can be a pain to sit there and grind out. but Hell Hounds found at Taverly Dungeon are the easiest way to farm then. Hellhounds are mid to high level demons often given as a Slayer assignment to mid to high level players. The introduction of the Summoning skill brought about a rise in players killing them due to their gold charm drop rate. They have the third highest combat level of any monster outside of Daemonheim. . The area is usually uncrowded. Hellhounds are a good source of AFK melee training, along with good charms per hour. It is recommended (for AFK) to bring Guthan's, as it heals you occasionally. Once you teleport to the dungeon go through the tunnel to the dragons and stay right and youll run into black demons, then poison spiders and youll be there! ~Mokuba
  5. MY ULTIMATE PK BOT GUIDE! In this video below i will show you my personal way on how i go about defeating the pk bots and hope to shine some light and answer some of your guys questions! hope you guys enjoy the video and please feel free to comment and leave feedback, and react! Please excuse my voice. i hate it too!...
  6. BloodWood Tree's - The Easy Way BEWARE: THROUGHOUT GUIDE YOULL BE IN THE WILDERNESS. ITEMS WILL BE AT RISK! Here in this guide i will show you the quick and easy way to get your hands on some bloodwood logs to sell or use for firemaking! So first things first your going to have to grab yourself a WILDY SLAYER TASK from death's helper, this NPC will be located next to death at home inbetween the chaos alter and scoreboard for pvp. After you have spoken to death's helper, and got your task go and complete this before the next step. Upon completing the slayer task you would have been awarded 31 wildy slayer points. You'll now want to go back to death's helper and ask to see what he is selling in the slayer shop (please note this is a different shop to the normal slayer rewards shop and you cannot use normal slayer points) Time to buy the blood diamonds from death's helper for 5 points each! Now youll need to grab your other equipment like a hatchet, any hatchet can be used like a normal tree with dragon hatchet being the best option for the job. I also take a Yak along with me to hold more logs. Now the tree itself has a limit of the amount of logs that can be cut from it, this will show in chat (e.g. 48 logs remaining). so if anyone else is cutting the tree too this will be shared out accordingly depending on the hatchet you are using. if you need to grab a hatchet from somewhere try bob located at home! So now you have the 3 main items to go off and get your cut on! but as stated this is in the wildy and they spawn randomly at different wilderness levels so remember only go in what your willing to lose due to pkers. When a tree has spawned in the Wilderness you will see a red message pop up in chat saying its spawned But if you miss it or log on after its spawned remember to check in your fury (quest) log. red star. You will then click on the diamond in your inventory and this will take you to the location of the tree! This is what the tree will look like, if you cant seem to see it near where you have spawned then try relogging. Please notice i am at pirate's level 50 wilderness so i am going to have to run back to safety as teleport is blocked over level 20! When you arrive home safely after your journey you can chose to sell the logs to the general store for 425k ea, sell to players or use for firemaking. this is a screenshot from general store. Enjoy!
  7. Hello all players new and old! This video will be explaining all of the awesome features FuryPS has to offer! Here is a list summary of the things that will be explored: - - New interface - Quick tour of home - Stealing Creation - Wildy Player Bots - Wildy Slayer - Poly dung - Jadinko Lair - Corporeal Beast - Fully Working Nex - Fully Working Queen Black Dragon - Advanced Agility Courses - Blood Tree - Shooting Star - Fully Working Dungoneering - Construction - Whole new teleport menu - Working achievements and completionist cape - Donator shop with high rewarding items - Dzone (Mummy Warriors, NPC, Runite Ore, Coal, Teleport to Forinthry dungeon and KBD) - Rzone (Forinthry Dungeon and KBD Teleport, All fishing spots, Grenwalls, Mummy Warriors, runecrafting ZMI altar Skeletal Wyverns, 4 runite rocks + 4 adamatite rocks + 3 iron ore for 2 ticking, a furnace and bank deposit, Magic trees + yew trees, dwarf guy to pickpocket for good money) DISCLAIMER: I forgot to pick a third winner, here it is
  8. Welcome to AdamR's Corporeal Beast guide, in this guide i will be displaying the new method and minimum gear to solo corp. Note- for this guide you will need to have at least 99 magic, Ganodermic armor either, a Farseers kite-shield or any kind of spirit shield and minimum a Staff of Light. Firstly lets begin with items and inventory: Item setup Now you need Ganodermic armor due to the high magic defence bonus you get from wearing ganodermic armor. you want your best tier ring although you can just wear a Ring of Wealth (I) or whatever you have available to you. Also, as a substitute to Max Cape you can wear a god cape from mage bank (which has better magic attack stats), shield wise you have to have any type of spirit shield or a Farseers kite-shield due to the high magic defence bonuses they provide, boots can either be Ragefire or Infinity boots, use your best in slot. Finally, barrows gloves are a must along with either a Fury or an Arcane Stream Necklace. Inventory Setup Inventory wise you need at least three 4 doses of Extreme magic potions 4 brews if you make a mistake and 5 super restores or 2 super restores and 3 prayer potions as well as the runes to cast blood barrage. Blood barrage cast Note make sure you have the defence symbol enabled before you go to the Corporeal Beast when casting blood barrage Prayer- The Method- You can skip to 45 seconds if you only want to see how to deal with the dark core. Also, you want to space at least 7 game spaces away from corp. Note- When dealing with the dark core you want to move as soon as he dives until at least 3 squares away. Within the video you can see first hand what i mean by doing so. Welcome to the end of the guide, i hope you understand fully on the method and gear setup. Now good luck on getting your spirit shield pieces. Also, if you have any questions don't hesitate to message me on discord, in game or comment on this forum. AdamR
  9. Hey Everyone! Here is another Video showcasing some of the loot you can get from Armadyl(Kree), I know it's only 50 kills but ill be expanding more and more kill's as time goes on and will be recording them all over time to eventually make some huge Boss Drop Log Videos! I hope you guy's enjoy this video -Max
  10. If you are new to PVM, or don't know the correct method to do Graador in GWD (God Wars dungeon) then hopefully you will be ready for your next Bandos trip by the end of this guide. Item Requirements: Hammer, Runes to cast 'Vengeance', Preferred special attack weapon. Note: Turmoil isn't necessary however it helps tremendously. You can use Piety and protect from melee as a substitute - If you have access to summoning, such as war turtle or Pak Yak make sure to check out medium requirements as well. When teleporting to GWD make sure you have either deflect magic or protect from magic prayers enabled due to Saradomin Priests and spiritual magers at the teleport spot. After teleporting to GWD run West until you reach this goblin with a banner (as shown in the image below.) The reason why you will be getting your kc off this goblin is due to him having 1 hp and spawns every second. You are going to need to kill this goblin until you reach the required kill count (KC); Regular player: 15 Bandos KC Sapphire: 12 Bandos KC Emerald: 10 Bandos KC Ruby: 7 Bandos KC Diamond: 5 Bandos KC Dragonstone: 2 Bandos KC Onyx: None required Ideal minimum gear (some items can be substituted) This is the ideal minimum gear required to kill Graador, depending on your opinion you may want to change a few items or inventory setups, although this is my personal favourite when I was starting up. Below is a link to the method i use to kill Graador in this setup. Next is the medium method of killing Graador as well as the item setup. This is the inventory used within the Pak Yak as well. Note: with the medium method of killing Graador depending on how often you get hit you can stay for up to 3-10 kills roughly. The basic idea is to aggro Sergeant Steelwill (the mager) with your pak yak whether you want to kill Graador himself or Sergeant Grimspike first is entirely up to you. Furthermore you should switch to soulsplit to heal up on minions at the end of the kill unless you are being hit fairly hard by Grimspike or Steelwill. Finally the Best in Slot method. This personally is the best in slot i have available to me but you can upgrade with Dominion sword, Kiln cape/Comp cape Torva helm (if you aren't on task) With the pak yak inventory looking like this. Now the way this method is different to the others, is due to the overwhelming hp bonus you get from Torva, as well as having an sgs to get you to full prayer and high hp using SS (soulsplit) if you want to you can totally ignore the mager however, if you want to avoid taking the risk of extra damage you can use your pak yak to draw aggro from Steelwill like in the medium method. While using this method you can theoretically last forever or until you run out of supplies which will take a very long time. Congratulations, you are now ready to solo Graador with ease. Finally, if you have any questions about any of the methods feel free to contact me via this forum post, in game or discord. I will be happy to clarify anything that you may be confused about. Now i apologise if I've missed anything out on the guide, let me know if i have and i'll be sure to update it. Good luck with your drops.
  11. Firemaking Guide

    Firemaking Guide Level Requirements Logs - Level 1 Oak Logs - Level 15 Willow Logs - Level 30 Teak Logs - Level 35 Maple Logs - Level 45 Mahogany Logs - Level 50 Yew Logs - Lisn'tevel 60 Magic Logs - Level 75 EXP Rates All these are for regular account types! Getting Started To get started, buy a tinderbox from Bob at home. He is standing north of the Edgeville bank. Alternatively, you can buy one from the firemaking skillmaster at the firemaking skill teleport. You have three options to train firemaking currently. The first is the normal way using a tinderbox and logs, this is by far the fastest (about 3 times as fast as bonfires). The second option is bonfires, to do this you must make a fire using a tinderbox, then you will be able to right click the fire and click "Add Logs". This will add the logs in your inventory to the fire. This option is the most AFK one, but not as fast as manually burning the logs. The third option is the least AFK and the slowest: dungeoneering. You can do C6 dungeons and hope you get a firemaking skill door - unlike most other skill doors, this one will require that you pick up the tinderbox in the starter room. Rewards Firemaking isn't known for its rewards, unfortunately. However, you can use bonfires to boost your maximum HP. Adding 5 logs to a bonfire will boost your HP by 10% for 12 minutes. You will know that you have the boost enabled because a green message will pop up in the chat box telling you so. Evil Tree You can get firemaking XP from the evil tree events, but I would not suggest doing this because the XP isn't great. The firemaking requirement for each evil tree type is the same as each log type (mentioned above).