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Found 2 results

  1. Official FuryPS Events _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Voting Event Don't forget to ::vote! In addition to items and an experience rate boost, Fury will be hosting a Voting Event every month where the top 3 voters will receive prizes! Additionally, opened vote books will contain a rare and unique prize every month so don't forget to vote and help Fury grow! Staking Event Everyone to the duel arena! In this event, a staking amount and gear loadouts will be set by the host, all participants will stake that amount to begin with, the winners will go on to face the other winners staking what they won from the previous duel. This will continue until the final fight between the two players where all winnings will be staked, winner takes all! PKing Events The ultimate test of players, teams will be set, to even out the strength of gear and skills, then an all out server war will take place. Remember, take no prisoners. Boss Killing Events This is where the whole server can join forces and partake in mass PvM activity, any boss can be involved in this, but it will be decided beforehand. The players and staff that take part in the event will be sure to give you hints on what to take and what to do when fighting the bosses, just in case you haven't before. Includes all the bosses listed below found under the Boss Teleport Barrows Event Similar to the event above, but this one will take place at Barrows. The rule is, the one with the most Barrows items at the end of the event will win a prize! Pest Control Event Hide n Seek Event This one is fairly simple, a member of staff will hide with some valuable items in their inventory, all you have to do is be the first to find and trade them to win the prize! The person hiding will be sure to give you some hints and clues, but not all of them may be as straightforward as it seems. Flower Poker Tournament Similar to the staking event, but instead of battling, the players will try their luck at flower poker instead! Staff Killing Event For this event, players will compete against a sole member of staff in the wilderness. The staff member will have valuable loot on them, so the first to kill them gets the riches! But watch out, as well as killing them, you also have to make it out of the wilderness as other players will try to hunt you down!
  2. Getting Started

    If you've stumbled across this thread then you're most likely new to the server, or maybe you have been here for a while and are just after a little bit of extra guidance. I'm here to help with that. LIST OF CONTENTS - Home Explanation - Navigation - Combat Training - Account/Server Information - Commands - Grand Exchange HOME AREA What you can see below is the current home point for Fury, there are several different parts of the home area that can be useful. These are the thieving stalls which can be used as a method of making some money This is the guide for the server this allows you to manage your account: Vannaka, the slayer master, you can use him to assign a slayer task, or visit the slayer store This is what i like to called the restoration centre, to the left we have the nurse he will heal you and restore your stats. to the right, we have a food/potion vendor. and in the middle is an altar to restore your prayer points. These are the shops at the home area, from left to right we have melee, ranged, mage and then on the far right we have a misc store which sells lots of useful things. For Ironmen and Women, Bob is the guy to see for your Ironman mode store. To the left is the Loyalty Store and to the right is where you can spend your vote points (obtained by using the ::vote command) This is the donor guy, you can claim donations and browse the donator store by using him (tele to the d zone by using him too) Skill capes vendor on the left, max and completionist capes can be purchased from the guy on the right. NAVIGATION Most of the world can be navigated via teleports in the spellbook - Below is an explanation of what each of the teleports do. COMBAT TRAINING NON-COMBAT TRAINING Can also move around the world using the spirit tree at home too. INFORMATION A great way to find information about the server or your account is to use the quest tab - You can use this to find out lots of useful things. A list of commands can be found in game by using ::command Here is a list of the commands that players can use: ::attacks ::claim ::claimvote ::commands ::dzone ::discord ::drops [NPC NAME] ::dungreset ::empty ::forum ::help ::highscores ::home ::maxhit ::players ::store ::thread [THREAD ID] ::train ::vote ::xplock ::yell GRAND EXCHANGE The Grand Exchange (GE) can be accessed really easily, it works just how you would think it would too. All you have to do to access it is is right click on a bank booth and click the "Exchange" option Doing so will open up the following prompt where you can list for buying and selling