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Found 5 results


    Hey guys I would like to start a discussion on the bosses we currently have in the game and they're drop tables. the first boss I would like to be looked at is Qalphite Queen, the drops suck if I'm being honest really gives you no point to farm this unless its a slayer task and even then you'll just skip the task or do normal kaphites, what I suggest is to buff the table for some rare drops example: raw materials for skilling and maybe ornament kits instead of them being in the vote shop I would have to say it would be nice to see these things happen to other bosses like Giant mole and D-kings gives them more of a reason to go bossing. I understand we wont to keep this a Pre Eoc server but adding things to this to make it great in its own way would be amazing like Boss pets or even adding in a New boss one Designed by Fury himself that drops unique rewards (higher tier weps) and even add in a fury amulet drop as well to the fury boss just would be iconic to receive a fury from the fury boss. Please can I get everyone's opinion on boss drops and new bosses, any way thanks for reading Snowy.
  2. Okay, basically, it is really easy to kill these demons. Getting to the demons requires little to no effort, in the following images, you will see a step by step guide to getting to them. First step: Find "Boss Teleport" teleport. This is found under the B letter. Second and third step: Navigate the menu, which popped up on top of your chat. Find first, the "More" option, click on it. Following this, find the "Tormented Demons" option. Clicking on this option will teleport you to the demons, run a bit east and you'll see them. You will not need a safe spot, you will be able to make due with just being far enough so that the demon does not use melee to attack you (5 squares I believe). Currently I am using this setup, which of course isn't optimal. Although this is the case, I have no problems killing these Tormented Demons. It is easy and proves easy for even the simplest of RSPS players As you can see, I use an ice barrage juxtaposed with a staff of light. This provides more magic bonus, therefore I prefer this to saving water runes with a water staff. This of course, is purely personal preference and you'll make the money for runes back with just rune armor drops anyway. Using a DFS significantly reduces your magic (by -10), so this is not recommended, but I just kept it on for good looks. From research so far, I have yet to see the Tormented Demons to protect from mage, as well as cause trouble with their shield. You'll be praying mage/range and to know, when you'll be praying which, is not at all hard, especially after a couple kills under your belt. The following bits of this guide will illustrate the process of protecting yourself. So this orange ball is what the Tormented Demons use for their magic attack. The NPC will lay back a little bit, before making a "puking" motion towards you. This is your indicator to protect from mage. Following the motion, they will spit out an orange ball of flame, from which you will need to defend yourself. The ranged attack is a bit harder to spot, due to it's inherit lack of density or eye-catching color. It's stardust looking magical powder, which causes trouble, when gone unnoticed. The demon makes a swinging motion from right to left with his/hers left arm, and then chucks the left arm towards you. This is your indicator to protect from range. Some notable drops include: Currently on the market for ~300 million coins. The dragon claws. Brutal and pimping, this item offers you an offensive item, requiring two hands to use (so no dclaws+dfs for you, mister). The claws are most often used for their special attack, withdrawing 50% of your special bar. The special attack is almost like two dragon dagger special attacks at once. Wild, is it not? The Tormented Demons also drop the three ruined dragon armor pieces, required in the process of making a dragon platebody. The ruined dragon armor slice. The least rare of the three pieces. The ruined dragon armor shard. A bit rarer than the last. The ruined dragon armor lump. The rarest of the three and undoubtedly, the most beautiful. *note, in the eyes of the dragon platebody, all three are equal. The demons also drop a good amount of seeds and herbs, which will accumulate over time, should you take the time to collect them. Should you lose yourself in your thoughts, or get carried away by an interesting inquiry, there's no need to worry. You'll be fine for 4-5 hits, even without prayer. The demons don't hit too hard, but 20+ still. You can use whatever gear you feel like, as long as it's magic. The demons will not be the end of you. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask! This will also provide useful for updating the guide with missing information. IGN: Kogemata Hopefully this guide helps at least one of you With kind regards, Kogemata
  3. Normal PVM combat bug(s)

    1. When melee, clicking a monster you want to attack. When you run to it and hit it once, your account stays at a 2 tile-distance, which means you can't keep hitting it unless you move 1 tile closer. Very annoying. 2. Dead monsters hitting you before they even spawn. I like to use auto retaliate, and when i'm trying to do slayer task semi-afk, this happens. Monsters that haven't even spawned yet ATTACK me and it mixes everything up. PLEASE fix these minor bugs, they are very annoying.
  4. π•ƒπ•–π•Ÿπ•’ 𝕆𝕩π•₯π• π•Ÿ'𝕀 π•‚π•’π•π•‘π•™π•šπ•₯𝕖 β„šπ•¦π•–π•–π•Ÿ π”Ύπ•¦π•šπ••π•– Dear Fury community, Welcome to my Kalphite Queen guide! In this guide I'll cover everything you need to know on how to kill Kalphite Queen on Fury RSPS. A short introduction of myself. I am going by the name Lena Oxton in-game and I am a highscore competitor on Fury RSPS. I like to do mostly skilling content since Fury have a lot to offer content wise. I am currently working my way towards 200m experience in all skills and in the near future I'll continue my journey towards 2.1b experience. Why did you want to make this guide - and why did you choose Kalphite Queen in particular? I chose to make a guide about Kalphite Queen because its not a long time ago Kalphite Queen got fixed after it being broken and un-killable, but now its good to go! There can be some who's wondering how to kill Kalphite Queen in the first place, but no worries! Continue to read and I'll show you! ~ Table of contents ~ - Introduction to the Kalphite Queen. β€’ What is the Kalphite Queen? β€’ Where do I find the Kalphite Queen? β€’ Recommended levels and gear. β€’ How to fight the Kalphite Queen. β€’ What does the Kalphite Queen drop? β€’ Other useful information. What is the Kalphite Queen? The Kalphite Queen is a strong boss which can be hard to kill due to it's strong attacks! The Kalphite Queen attacks with every combat styles so you gotta be careful! The Kalphite Queen does have two forms, which the first form is a beetle and the second form is a fly. The second form can be a little stronger than the first form since the Kalphite Queen will attack you with more accurate attacks, mostly ranged and melee. In the kalphite lair there is also Kalphite Guardians roaming around, and they will attack you when you're fighting the Kalphite Queen. The kalphite lair is a multi-combat area so everything will attack you as soon as you approach them. Where do I find the Kalphite Queen? The Kalphite Queen can be found through the Boss Teleport in your spellbook. You will need to browse the teleport list to find the right one. Once you have found it, click "Kalphite Queen" and you'll get teleported right next to the entrance. Beware, since the Kalphite Queen and Guardians are roaming around, it can happen that you'll get attacked as soon as you've been teleported! There's a safespot behind the rock east of where you're getting teleported. Recommended levels and gear To fight the Kalphite Queen it is recommended with: β€’ 90+ Hitpoints. β€’ 85+ Attack. β€’ 85+ Strength. β€’ 85+ Defence. β€’ 85+ Ranged. β€’ 94+ Magic. (Optional) β€’ 80+ Prayer. Due to it's high hitting attacks, it is also recommended with gear which provides good melee and ranged defence, such as barrows and Torva. Below I'll display a table that goes from most effective to least effective. Recommended equipment for hybrid - Ranged and Melee. This is my usual gear setup when I get to fight the Kalphite Queen - which I'm doing once I get kalphites as a slayer task. First phase: I'm using a Chaotic Maul instead of a Dominion Sword since the Kalphite Queen's first phase are weak to crush attacks, which makes Chaotic Maul a powerful weapon! I'm using the statius warhammer as a spec weapon in the start of the fight, because the hammer lowers the opponent's defence level by 30%. Second phase: As for inventory, I use to have my inventory like this! With this inventory, I can get 5+ kills a trip. I use to drink the overload before I teleport to the Kalphite Queen. Once I've taken a sip of the Overload, I bank the Overload and withdraw one more rocktail, and then I go heal myself at Surgeon Tafani at home. The runes are for vengeance, which is extremely useful as you'll do extra damage to the Kalphite Queen! It can happen that the Guardian which is attacking you, are triggering the vengeance. I use to time my vengeance with the Kalphite Queen's attack - which can be a potential hit. How to fight the Kalphite Queen First phase: Once you're geared and ready, teleport to the Kalphite Queen's lair and get ready for battle! Before you're attacking the Kalphite Queen, cast a vengeance spell and activate your prayers as shown - depends on your prayer level. To switch to the Lunar prayer book - use the altar to the right of the general store at home. The vengeance spell have a 30 second cooldown, so use it whenever you remember! Its recommended to turn auto-retaliate off, so you don't get interupted when the Kalphite Guardian attacks you while switching gear/weapons. Turmoil requires a Prayer level of 95. As you can see in the picture, the Kalphite Guardian are attacking me as well. I choose to ignore him since he is not doing any huge damage on me. Only have your focus on the Kalphite Queen to kill it as fast as possible! Use your spec weapon of your choice to do some nice damage to the Kalphite Queen in the start of the fight or during! If you're using a Statius's Warhammer, its the best to use it in the start of the fight to decrease the Kalphite Queen's defence level by 30%. Second Phase: Activate your prayers as shown and get ready to fight the second phase. During the second phase, you'll only need to watch out for your health as the second phase is more accurate than the first phase. In the second phase you'll be hit with more ranged and melee attacks. Be sure to still protect from magic! Kalphite Queen's magic attacks are extremely accurate and can also be deadly. Once you've killed the Kalphite Queen - you can go back to the entrance and hide behind the rocks for 20-30 seconds. The Kalphite's Queen respawn timer are set to around 25-30 seconds. You can also kill the Kalphite Guardians while you wait, but there is no use for it unless you're on a slayer task. What does the Kalphite Queen drop? The Kalphite Queen's current drop table are mostly dragon and rune equipment, but the drop table will be reworked in the near future! You can also get other useful items as Pure essence and various gems. Other useful information: Since the Kalphite Queen's lair is a multi-combat area, you can also bring a familiar with you! Maybe a Steel Titan for extra damage or a Pak-Yak to store extra food/loot? Your choice! You have now reached the end of my guide! I hope this guide has helped you kill the Kalphite Queen or will help you kill it in the future! Thank you and good luck!
  5. Bandos Solo Guide

    This will be a complete guide for soloing and getting to GWD. And a big thank you to Urinalcake for sharing some screenies of the different setups! =) 1. Getting to GWD Head over to Bob north of edgeville bank and buy a Hammer and Rope. Next teleport to Trollheim using City teleport. Make your way down and run North untill you see a big rock. Push the rock when you get to it. Walk North untill you see a Knight. Talk to him before you use the rope on the Dungeon enterence! When you have entered the GWD dungeon walk North West untill you see a big door. Open the door (need hammer in your inventory to open this door) Here you need to get your killcount up before you can enter the door for killing bandos. Killcount changes depending if you're a donator and what donator rank you have! 2. Who is in this room?! You have General Graardor (Melee) and 3 minions; Sergeant Strongstack (Melee), Sergeant Steelwill (Mage) and Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged) on step 4 there will be a picture showing them and numbering them! 3.Setups I will be showing 3 different setups for killing Graardor. Low Tier; This is the lowest tier gear you should bring when heading to bandos. With this setup you will be only be able to get a few kills and is not really recommended to bring. Med Tier; this is the recommended gear to bring when entering the battlefield. Good mage defence and good Melee defence aswell of good Strength bonus. High Tier; After camping bandos for hours upon hours you'll be able to get the best gear ingame and will be able to camp bandos for a long time! 4. The Fight. Fighting Graardor and his companions can be a bit hard but this will show you the order of killing them; General Graardor first, Steelwill second (mager), Grimspike (ranger) and Strongstack (melee) last. after killing Graardor i recommend using Soul Split on the minions for optimizing your stay. Hope This Little Guide Will Help Guide You Through The Way Of Killing General Graardor And His Companions =)