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Found 3 results

  1. Here I'm going to be organizing, each suggestion as well as discuss improvements for the server. In terms of discovering new ways to that improve the service provided for players to enjoy. #1 - Make all staff on discord, accessible to privileges in terms of editing Roles for other players to receive their rank. Main point of this one, equality across the board, in terms of the rightful guidelines given to each Staff member so they are capable to act upon anything that may arise at any given time. Staff permissions on discord, is one example of this - but I'm sure there's more surrounding this. #2 - A push for the use of Discord, as secondary forum network, with accessibility of a talking network. #3 - Events push - in terms of giving instructed events to players, and Staff to run, on a frequent basis, starting off at maybe twice a week, and seeing response, and going from there. #4 - More assigned roles, given across the community - to push for activity. This would be unique to this server only! The idea is: similar to the citation 'Lord' or 'Gambler' or anything that is preset prior to the IGN - and establishing a role attachment, for example: 'Suggestion Manager' Joshie: This would be a title that could be given to me, to support the cause of my own role being set in game with my name next to it, and new players could be assigned roles in setup when joining the server, if they choose between available roles, for them to start with. #5 - Small change, but, when one instance is open, for example, the screen when you note your 'Sweetcorn' with the Leprechaun, it doesn't let you drop any other item in your inventory, unless you move block prior to taking the next action/instance. Instances may need looking at essentially. #6 - Overloads, and other Extreme potions, being able to be noted, for circulation of economy purposes to be speedier, and incentive to get 99 Herblore - higher.
  2. Suggestion/bug list

    I'll be putting my suggestions and bugs for the server in here. General Suggestions: -fix bankers not responding, for example in draynor, only clicking the booth works -Add RC guild robes -Fix Evil Tree in quest tab saying there's an evil tree when there is none -Custom titles with difficulty of the account/or able to see other people their difficulty other than highscores -Make mix potions drinkable or remove from mithril dragon droplist -Fix prayer reduction stats from armor, currently not effective -Verac's flail currently does slash damage, this should be crush. Source -Remove Fire Cape from mystery box/vote book -When in combat, the NPC you're fighting is not always "on top" / "visible" due other NPCs being above it making others invisible. -Complete Curse Prayers, they only give the base status but no actual bonuses or increasing stats -Add Ava's accumulator effect to Ranging Cape ( (t) ) -talk to and configure on the charming imp are turned around -Add Waterfall Dungeon http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Waterfall_Dungeon PVM Suggestions: -Add loot for Monkey Guards, as they currently drop nothing -Fix Yaks not fighting back -Steel dragons are not weak to magic, while they should be. Source -Add more drops than just bones to Hellhounds -Add drops to Waterfiends -Reduce aggro distance at Tormented Demons -Add attack animation for Fire Giants -Add Fire Giants to Smoke Dungeon -Fix Wild Dog aggro to players above lvl 71 Source -Fix Divine effect, does not drain pray in a proper way. PVP Suggestions: -None as of now since it's still very much WIP Skilling Suggestions: -add Sorceress's Garden (Thieving) -Add buckets to farming shops (for super compost) -Give Farming: "check health" exp -Increase the duration of a fire when logs are added (bonfire) -Add Taverly/Varrock Ivy's to teleports (WoodCutting) -Fix Potter's Wheel to create Unfired Plant Pot (Since I can't get the unfired plant pot, I don't know if Pottery oven works yes or no) ^In addition, check if saplings can grow in plant pots. -Decrease the impact of fire on Evil Tree, it kills it ridiculously fast -Fix not being able to chop an evil tree when the spot in front of you is lit on fire -Fix logs not being able to set on fire from the inventory in dungeoneering, work around: drop logs and right click -Fix Runecrafting where ZMI gives blank spaces in inventory and an altar for exp is randomly selected while exp should be per rune (source) -Add Pirate Impling to PuroPuro -Implings in PuroPuro are all set to certain locations/spawn timers. This removes the variation and fun of puropuro. With that said, there's only 1 kingly impling spawned at the north east but nowhere else. -Fix Mutated Vines not re-spawning properly (excluding when server gets reset/updated) -Fix box traps(Hunter) not showing properly when they've collapsed. -Add effigys Iron man suggestions: Completed Suggestions/fixes: Want your suggestion on my list? Either reply or PM me in-game!