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August Updates - 16/08/18 - A juicy update worth the wait

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Fury    141


I know guys, a lot of you been seeing multiple updates this week and you have no clue what they are about, well we had to hot fix some things multiple times, sometimes our fix didn't work so we had to try something new 

Wishing Well has been added and now will double any resources gained in most gathering skills! This means more goodies for people to use and sell and makes skilling more profitable for all, I myself will try and fill the well once or twice a day. 

double well.png

We have also now added a name change scroll, you can find it in the in-game donor store for only 1000 Donor points or claiming a $10 scroll


Content and Bug fixes

  • Wilderness Wyrm locations have been fixed, and now will not show up in clan wars, in a future update you will be able to teleport to the wildy wyrm using wilderness slayer points
  • Torso is now un-tradable
  • Name change scrolls now make your name capital
  • Shooting star has been fixed and won't disappear now after 10-30 minutes and stay for the full hour its intended 
  • Evil tree has now been fixed for proper times and all the items you obtain from it
  • All teleportation has now been fully fixed, this includes spirit tree teleportation as well :) Should now be smooth
  • Corrupt zuriels staff can now be used to cast mismiac spells 
  • The experience lamp you get from tutorial should for PvP game mode now 
  • Wishing well now requires a 1m minimum to put in with 1m intervals 
  • All glove's from RFD now have proper defense requirements for future PvP :)
  • White berries on the Rare drop table are now noted 
  • Crossbow speed has now been fixed
  • Players in Wilderness now properly updates

Content Updates

  • Wilderness targets now have a no risk limit if you get a target you can fight each other regardless of the risk 
  • All experience gained in wilderness for combat vs a player now is 1x - This means if you fight a player ONLY not an NPC  (We actually messed this up and will fix it next update, sorry)
  • Iron man shops have now been updated with more items, to complete all achievements 
  • We have improved the combat formulations and attacking even more, now PvP should be even more smoother same with PvM
  • Double experience event which happens every day twice a day is now in the quest tab 
  • You can now check Crystal key chests rewards by doing ::drops cc
  • Vine whip now has a special and shoots little vines from the ground dealing damage with the same time as your whip
  • Wilderness teleports have been reworked to include modern teleports 

Sorry about this update not being so meaty, we did do a lot of behind the scenes and this has been a stressful few days

We are also aware of the achievements still being messed up for people and we are trying a final solution before I manually revert each persons achievements to those affected and its only 10-15 people :) This issue happened because we tried to add two new achievements and something broke it. We will fix this as soon as possible and we want to try our automated solutions because automated solutions are better for future issues when we code tools and commands like this

We are also for some peoples banks being empty and peoples accounts not being accessible for a few hours, this is the result of us creating the tool to fix achievements 

We are also aware of the PvP risk and gambling restrictions being annoying. I am considering of removing the PvP risk next update and making gambling minimum 100m

As you guys see it wasn't a good week for us, but no matter how much life knocks us down we will keep getting back up and making Fury the best we can! 

We really hope to get back on track this week and catch up all the time we lost with the issues we had this week! 

Thank you for everyone who plays Fury everyday! 

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Symbiotic    81

Thanks for this huge update fury! You know we appreciate your guys' hard work. I know you guys are very busy, but please try to post these sooner after updates are finalized.

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