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August Updates - 21/08/18 - PvP is great and New Barrows brother!

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Hey guys so we been working on a lot of stuff behind the scenes for the updates, the next stuff we want to release will be duel arena and PvP bots. PvP is very important to us right now and you will see how crazy this new update is!

We have now added an NPC called King Lanthus who will gear you up with 3 different style sets, pure, zerker and main. This will take GP out of your pouch and gear you up instantly for the fight ahead. ENJOY!

king.pngking 2.png

As you can see I went to Pures, and clicked on the HYBRID option! This geared me up, also when i want to refill my inventory he can do that as well

Akrisae the doomed is finally here and shares the crypt with Veracs, get the brand new barrows armor now!

barrows new.png


Content Updates

  • Objects not removing/spawning fixed, this applies to doors and stuff :)
  • Tutorial has been removed from new players needing to do it for rewards and now instantly get its rewards until we rework the tutorial to fit the PvP changes and other content Fury now offers 
  • Soulstones are now tradeable.
  • Duel arena fixes & changes, its 99% done, just final stages for staff to test

Content and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed npc combat aggression
  • 1x combat rate while in player-vs-player combat in wilderness, sorry for about the last update. Now you will only get 1x experience when in COMBAT VERSUS A PLAYER ONLY NO MORE NPCS! 
  • Fixed achievement unlocking for ironmen for iron platebody/antidrag shield.
  • Fixed doric shop not opening for ironmen.
  • Fixed attacking players outside wilderness glitch.
  • Fixed strykewyrm digging attack.
  • Fixed teleporting to target issues.
  • Fixed Wildy Wyrm pulling players into a non-clipped tile.
  • Fixed anti-macro showing in tutorial for new players.
  • Mystery boxes not opening fixed which you get from claim codes

Thank you guys for another amazing week, we will keep working hard to make sure all our updates are insane before the end of August. 

Thank you once again for playing Fury and enjoy the updates guys brought to you by Nando!

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