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26/08/18 - August Updates - Duel arena is HERE! And so much more.

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Fury    141

Hey guys so we had a ton of updates this week and now I am here to finally list them! 

Get excited boys because its going to be a big one.

Duel arena is finally OUT! We want to add more to it like set staking like WHIP only and stuff, but we need suggestions

Do ::duel to go there


We have added resource dungeon teleport's, so if you unlocked it, now you can easily teleport inside! If you didn't unlock it then you cant!


Wilderness Boss teleports are now out as well, tons of new bosses to fight!


Content Updates

  • Frost dragons were finally added to the Asgarnian Resource Dungeon :)
  • Vecna Skull is fully working giving +7 magic bonus, works in wilderness, and guys its obtained from Chaos Elemental
  • To Gamble the Net Worth now required is only 100m :)
  • A 10 minute timer has been added to teleporting to targets (may be reduced to 3-5 minutes)
  • All spells should work with the proper timers, double checked that
  • Tele-block now works properly in wilderness
  • The way a cannon works has now been fully redone and how it shoots
  • Iron man have access to more shops now like the RFD food chest 
  • Drops were reworked for every wilderness boss, and most dragons to make the visage rate fairer, glacors have now more armadyl shard drops
  • JAD HAS BEEN REWORKED, everything about his animations should now be fine and people shouldn't complain much anymore

Content and Bug Fixes

  • Elvarg was relocated to level 25 wilderness and was made as regular RS in difficulty 
  • Lots of Duel Arena changes and fix's on top of what was released
  • We have fixed log out issues during PvP and PvM so people can't cheat their way out of a log out, and it takes 10 seconds now to log out from combat
  • All drops that are noted in wilderness will now drop in one stack only
  • Karamja Volcano should now work
  • Fixed Kree pushing people out of the chamber
  • Fixed Kree so you now need to pray range instead of melee being more viable
  • Barrows fixes, including the issues people had with sometimes the new brother didnt save as a kill and of course his hood is now added properly to the chest
  • Fixed summoning pets not disappearing 
  • Players with auto retaliate on will never attack an owners summoning npc now
  • Hybrid mode in presets now gives all the proper hybrid equipment for you
  • Fixed karambwans cooking

We have been working hard on updates for everyone, since PvP is getting close to done that means we could release DUEL ARENA.

I know you are happy lads and we got a lot more planned for you such as Pk bots next update and finishing up dung fully and fixing ALL THE BUGS YOU GUYS KNOW WITH IT, plus a revised dung formulation to make it more rewarding for teams to dung instead of solo!

Thanks for sticking with Fury, we love you guys. 


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Symbiotic    81

Thanks again for the hard work, Fury. Keep the updates comin' we know that you and Nando are hard at work. Please get the vote store here ASAP and add full Profound in it =)

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Exivel    36

Wow. Amazing.

You guys really are working hard on getting these updates out. Thank you for improving Fury!

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Charlesrek    0

Were still working on HR-OS1 documentation right now, but hopefully well have more information on programming the ArbotiX soon. Were loading code a little differently than the CM-730, so you cant treat it just like a CM-730.

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Charlesrek    0

ok hey guys, you dont need the number if you have a custom username on there go to settings -- username and type that username in on your details on here and itll link to your page

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