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Joshie    3

What has Fury done so well?

Community. First and foremost - he has been blessed with the most amazing, epic, and fantastic, community, that has ever been known to any Private Server, any RuneScape or dare I say it: OSRS Community, or even any game! The community on this server, is top. Fact.

The community that is upon this server, is above and beyond, like anything else, ever seen before, to face any Gaming Community.

The connection is the strength,
The online is the previous offline,
A liberation,
Between Fury. And. Fire.

What's that poem mean then?

Let's break it down: The connection: Community. Online vs Offline: complex one, I know, it means, educating the members of the community to learn that there is a way, to be offline, and online, an amazing attribute, to the liberation, between Fury and the Fire, that sets us all - alight.

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