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Astro Maddi

Herblore 1-99 guide

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Astro Maddi    40

Hey guys this is my first guide for Fury (please give critical feedback)

Herblore is a skill that is mostly used for the level 96 ability, making overloads.

Cleaning Herbs

To start herblore, cleaning herbs is a must. It is recommended to level your herblore in stages that will be in the following.

guam.PNG.b74d175f357da2e4e7cee7de0036f55d.PNG1 - 5 Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf

marrentil.PNG.bf56cc2738c097783d3ff15ff5571846.PNG 5 - 11 Cleaning Grimy Marrentill

tarromin.PNG.6821c1ea4b0d473c237ea2cb78ef5fc3.PNG11 - 20 Cleaning Grimy Tarromin

harralander.PNG.ac6faaab27fccb28c3234a18661e04a6.PNG20 - 25 Cleaning Grimy Harralander

ranarr.PNG.fd14ac1f8b41d9b0a9654d94068c5a3e.PNG25 - 30 Cleaning Grimy Ranarr

toadflax.PNG.631650ccc63d58b1f90893d43fac5187.PNG30 - 40 Cleaning Grimy Toadflax

irit.PNG.4f3876bbad4be0ba2d228400564588d7.PNG40 - 48 Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf

avantoe.PNG.498ec9466985e276408f43e2cea08532.PNG48 - 54 Cleaning Grimy Avantoe

kwuarm.PNG.677511f3fbe0b53871f70f8f97eb9f46.PNG54 - 59 Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm

snapdragon.PNG.d16f6d3fe4c9bcc36877f0b7ac486b5c.PNG59 - 65 Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon

cadantine.PNG.4c09e41be8806ca4c2e8f4a4070fbac1.PNG 65 - 67 Cleaning Grimy Cadantine

lantadyme.PNG.a9cb55c42141cf91d5295a3bb28e0758.PNG67 - 70 Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme

5b893f388bbb9_dwarfweed.PNG.919ff3c2d02a30fee56c6cac4d9557d9.PNG70 - 75 Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed

torstol.PNG.351539e878fd7b1336e9e9135e380813.PNG75 - 99 Cleaning Grimy Torstol


Cleaning herbs is decent experience but not the best. However, it is recommended to clean all herbs that you have if possible. A clean herb is required for the next part of this guide, potion making. Making potions is where the experience will flow in easily.

Experience Rates without bonus experience or vote

Regular and PvP

Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 100xp

Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 200xp

Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 152xp

Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 252xp

Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 300xp

Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 320xp

Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 352xp

Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 400xp

Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 452xp

Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 472xp

Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 500

Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 524xp

Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 552xp

Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 600xp



Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 50xp

Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 100xp

Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 76xp

Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 126xp

Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 150xp

Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 160xp

Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 176xp

Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 200xp

Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 226xp

Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 236xp

Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 250xp

Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 262xp

Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 276xp

Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 300xp



Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 25xp

Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 38xp

Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 50xp

Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 63xp

Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 75xp

Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 80xp

Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 88xp

Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 100xp

Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 113xp

Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 118xp

Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 125xp

Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 131xp

Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 138xp

Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 150xp



Cleaning Grimy Guam Leaf - 2.5xp

Cleaning Grimy Marrentill - 5xp

Cleaning Grimy Tarromin - 3.8xp

Cleaning Grimy Harralander - 6.3xp

Cleaning Grimy Ranarr - 7.5xp

Cleaning Grimy Toadflax - 8xp

Cleaning Grimy Irit Leaf - 8.8xp

Cleaning Grimy Avantoe - 10xp

Cleaning Grimy Kwuarm - 11.3xp

Cleaning Grimy Snapdragon - 11.8xp

Cleaning Grimy Cadantine - 12.5xp

Cleaning Grimy Lantadyme - 13.1xp

Cleaning Grimy Dwarf Weed - 13.8xp

Cleaning Grimy Torstol - 15xp

Making Potions

5b894b7e7d293_AttackPotion.PNG.7d09db51bc4478cec745c23bc68de9ac.PNG3 - 30 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Guam + Eye of Newt

5b894bdc6a425_DefencePotion.PNG.4a78fccafa68c02a73da20c61fbccb2a.PNG30 - 34 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Marrentill + Bear Fur

5b894bf872466_AgilityPotion.PNG.0aa37c5ccc33de2465cd3f823af31636.PNG34 - 38 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Toad's Legs

5b894c0631e4c_PrayerPotion.PNG.b2dfb96115c56c5f082a5a0c48d28fe8.PNG38 - 45 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Ranarr + Snape Grass

5b894c2208297_SuperAttackPotion.PNG.511bd316d8f8b5f85ec270f3f32bb619.PNG45 - 63 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Irit + Eye of Newt

5b894c5c5ecbc_SuperRestore.PNG.705590c22ca61e28a168d83104406695.PNG63 - 66 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Snapdragon + Red Spiders' Eggs (can be obtained from using special ability on spider familiar)

5b894c6bea802_SuperDefence.PNG.37104d0c3dcbdfeac46929ab2bc7ec1c.PNG66 - 72 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Cadantine + White Berries

5b894c8d6a541_RangingPotion.PNG.29db7f28e7c219d5a42c65e7e6b34e4b.PNG72 - 76 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Dwarf Weed + Wine of Zamorak

5b894c9b6bf39_MagicPotion.PNG.6ae4d496bf7daa769d0acddf970b4b33.PNG76 - 78 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Lantadyme + Potato Cactus

5b894cb322590_ZamorakBrew.PNG.2028912d30255f6b4ab2de2ef95f653d.PNG78 - 81 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Torstol + Jangerberries

5b894ccad59d5_Saradominbrew.PNG.5b7dd9e6b91d1328ced7f9c3667e05cf.PNG81 - 88 Recipe: Vial of Water + Clean Toadflax + Crushed Nest

5b894cdf67a46_Extremeattack.PNG.00f7df1d9d2f0acf835cba30e9f14eff.PNG88 - 89 Recipe: Super Attack (4) + Clean Avantoe

5b894cee6a22d_ExtremeStrength.PNG.490942c8a4c1f2d6aae976677d966c75.PNG89 - 90 Recipe: Super Strength (4) + Clean Dwarf Weed

5b894cf9dc6b2_ExtremeDefence.PNG.f394905b1853f9e61b8268309f8c89e9.PNG90 - 91 Recipe: Super Defence (4) + Clean Lantadyme

5b894d04887bd_ExtremeMagic.PNG.2520666a7d0749bcaae4fdf5d1d46b12.PNG91 - 92 Recipe: Magic Potion (4) + Ground Mud Runes

5b894d1642a54_ExtremeRanging.PNG.cd2f152c9af0f44d7513625000faced6.PNG92 - 96 Recipe: Ranging Potion (4) + Grenwall Spikes (obtained through hunter or off other players)

Overload.PNG.6022bbeb9a599b32a6270a4899fb1131.PNG96 - 99 Recipe: Extreme Attack (4) + Extreme Strength (4) + Extreme Defence (4) + Extreme Magic (4) + Extreme Ranging (4) + Clean Torstol (use Clean Torstol on one of the potions to combine)

Experience Rates without Bonus Experience or Vote

Regular and PvP

Attack Potion - 1000xp

Defence Potion - 1800xp

Agility Potion - 3200xp

Prayer Potion - 3500xp

Super Attack Potion - 4000xp

Super Restore Potion - 5700xp

Super Defence Potion - 6000xp

Ranging Potion - 6500xp

Magic Potion - 6900xp

Zamorak Brew - 7000xp

Saradomin Brew - 7200xp

Extreme Attack - 8800xp

Extreme Strength - 9200xp

Extreme Defence - 9600xp

Extreme Magic - 10000xp

Extreme Ranging - 10400xp

Overload - 40000xp



Attack Potion - 500xp

Defence Potion - 900xp

Agility Potion - 1600xp

Prayer Potion - 1750xp

Super Attack Potion - 2000xp

Super Restore Potion - 2850xp

Super Defence Potion - 3000xp

Ranging Potion - 3250xp

Magic Potion - 3450xp

Zamorak Brew - 3500xp

Saradomin Brew - 3600xp

Extreme Attack - 4400xp

Extreme Strength - 4600xp

Extreme Defence - 4800xp

Extreme Magic - 5000xp

Extreme Ranging - 5200xp

Overload - 20000xp



Attack Potion - 250xp

Defence Potion - 450xp

Agility Potion - 800xp

Prayer Potion - 875xp

Super Attack Potion - 1000xp

Super Restore Potion - 1425xp

Super Defence Potion - 1500xp

Ranging Potion - 1625xp

Magic Potion - 1725xp

Zamorak Brew - 1750xp

Saradomin Brew - 1800xp

Extreme Attack - 2200xp

Extreme Strength - 2300xp

Extreme Defence - 2400xp

Extreme Magic - 2500xp

Extreme Ranging - 2600xp

Overload - 10000xp



Attack Potion - 25xp

Defence Potion - 45xp

Agility Potion - 80xp

Prayer Potion - 87.5xp

Super Attack Potion - 100xp

Super Restore Potion - 142.5xp

Super Defence Potion - 150xp

Ranging Potion - 162.5xp

Magic Potion - 172.5xp

Zamorak Brew - 175xp

Saradomin Brew - 180xp

Extreme Attack - 220xp

Extreme Strength - 230xp

Extreme Defence - 240xp

Extreme Magic - 250xp

Extreme Ranging - 260xp

Overload - 1000xp


All the herbs can be easily obtained through farming, killing dark beasts or off players. Most of the ingredients listed are buyable from the NPC that gives herblore supplies. The other's were listed on how to obtain the said ingredient.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just reached the milestone of Level 99 Herblore.

Thanks for reading my guide, 


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Symbiotic    81

Awesome guide, Astro! Best herblore guide I've seen in awhile and we've been needing one for quite some time =) thanks man

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Lena    35

Nice guide! I was about to make a Herblore guide myself, but you have already covered Herblore so never mind! Good job of figuring out the experience rates of all those herbs and potions! Keep it up!^_^

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Ryann    8

Beautiful guide, you covered everything!

I think a Herblore guide was needed here too, so thank you!

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Craftwork    12

Awesome guide, Astro!

I was also planning on making an in-depth Herblore Guide at some point in the future, but you've got it covered, and very well done!

Appreciate the guide, keep em comin!


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