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September Updates - 01/09/2018 - First September Update

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Fury    141

This update post was supposed to come a while ago, but ol Fury is in Vietnam for a few more days and will come back on the 2nd! 

Other then that I wanted to delay the post because we had an issue with our untradables update. People were losing massive amounts of GP and for that I will be refunding people who were affected, amounts from 10m-300m. 

Also next update is Pk bots, GWD rework, and more gp will be put into the economy through our events coming out.

Content and Bug Fixes

  • There has been a ton of updates for pk bots and while fighting them we learned a lot more PvP techniques to add, so same way AI learn we learn as well from them, they are almost 99% polished to be out for everyone
  • New accounts being made has been fixed for good, we will also be working on a new tutorial soon :)
  • Items kept on death has been fully reworked and includes untradables now, but if they are not valuable enough untradables they will be lost on death
  • Teleporting to target has now been fully fixed and now is a 5 minute cooldown for teleporting
  • Gearing at edge now takes a defense requirement 
  • Death is displaying souls again and this is for our future update, plus you can see how much pk activity is happening
  • Target teleporting to the wilderness agility course now takes 52 agility to be allowed to teleport
  • Iron man are not allowed to stake (only was out for a few hours)
  • Skill restoring and draining has been reduced to 1 minute per level and will happen much slower now instead of instantly when you sip a potion 

Content updates

  • All Un-Tradables will be lost on death inside of PvP and the pker will get GP for it, but what we added now is outside of PvP people won't lose expensive un-tradables as we reworked the items kept on death, so you have a 100m tok ring you will keep it as its the most expensive item
  • Dominion crossbow is now banned from wilderness, but the sword and staff are allowed for risk fighting :)
  • Bolas should now prevent you from moving for 20 seconds if hit, and if range prayer is on, it will only be 10 seconds
  • Updated proper food delays for PvP

Sorry guys it might not seem much happened for updating this week, but it has been a busy week for us here at Fury

We will be back in action soon and the updates will be better then ever!

Love you all and keep enjoying Fury boys :)

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Lena    35

Thanks for the thread! I've kept looking for anything about the vote store in the update threads, but can't seem to find anything.. :| I hope the vote store will be reworked in the near future as we've been speaking about it for a while and everyone is excited for it to be changed. ^_^ 

Btw, the PK Bots are huge. Good work Fury and Nando!!

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