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September Updates - 04/09/18 - PK BOTS IS OUT!

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Fury    141

This was a very long update in the making, it took a lot of time and polishing, but we finally did it! 

We have created a fun pk bot which will be hard to kill, but at the same time great for practice and can help you learn how to pk

Not only that killing these pk bots will give 1-3m gp, and soulstones and you can even get a killstreak from them

We also want to expand the Pk bots idea! Currently one cool thing you can do is anyone can check the bank of any pk bot to see who they pked by doing 

::check bank "name of pk bot"


Pk Bots work in a way where they get random proper equips which they can pk with, how this works is making efficient bots for almost every Pk style 

We have 3 tiers of combat levels, a pure bracket, a zerker bracket, and a main bracket. Same with the equips have Melee, range, hybrid brackets. Same with Main brackets being split into a Dharoker, a Max strength, a Def nub bracket, a Range tank. 

We hope you guys have fun because this took a really long time to make. 


Elf tracker is back! 

He will now give every player a mystery box, three vote books, and 5 million gp. This is to make up for anyone affected by any of the updates we made this last month, the most recent was people losing quite a bit of gp over un-tradables!

ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS (He will go back to his elf city after a few days so catch him while you can) 


Content Updates

  • Any mystery box you get now, you don't have to wait 2 hours to open now, its instant! And you can re-claim all the old promo codes again
  • Pk bots are always being optimized so please suggest things for us, the latest changes were - Less likely to teleport from a fight will run instead, and have made their eating a bit more realistic  

Content and Bug Fixes

  • You can't die by rock cakes now 
  • When you duel now and take off your armor in an improper way which duel arena interface did. It won't keep the old stats of the armor so boxing is safe now again :)
  • You can't block objects with ::chair anymore
  • There was a weird issue with declining a trade in a specific way and losing items, this has been fixed now

Thank you guys for waiting for this update, it took a long time to make these Pk Bots, now we can finish the rest of the PvP content we have, and of course the vote store you guys been waiting for so long for. We added the vote books to the elf so you can put them to good use in the new shop ;)

We hope you guys really enjoy this update! 


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Symbiotic    81

FUCK YEA BOY THE PK BOTS ARE HERE!@@!@! I can't wait to start practicing on them bois. Ryann has been finding quite a few bugs with them regarding the anti-farming system that nando implemented that prevents u from fighting the pk bots. Also, you already know that Lena and I are very excited to see the new vote store!!! I can't wait to spend all the VP i got saved up on cool items :P Let me know if u need any help =) Also, keep in mind my suggestion comment to your Vote Store forum thread, Fury =) (psst, add full Profound armor to vote store) P.S. : The PK Bots should also drop at least one good item occassionally on top of 1-3m gp and 1 soulstone. Like, for example, if you kill dharoker bot there should be like 1/25 chance for a dharok item tbh. Or if a pkbot had d boots or a fury maybe they could drop d boots 1/5 and fury 1/50?

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Nike Air    11

Got rolled by these boys, nearly killed a couple as they ran away but then went for one in void with a cbow or something, he smited and 2hit me for my gano lol

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Sean    6

Updates are looking good and the server seems to be growing, keep it up Alex not many other people are willing to stick with things as long as you are. 

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Nando    6

can't edit furys post =( anyways,

both players dying in a duel result in a 'tie' now.
divine shield prayer drain fix.
fixed bug where players end their own streak when dying to npcs.
they all respawn in 30 seconds after being killed.
adjusted prayer mechanics, prayers should be fine now.
all are now aggressive, but randomly, at a randomized rate.
removed account restrictions when killing bots.
bots don't get stuck at ditch anymore.
all bots within distance of you in a multi area will now attack you(CAREFUL!)

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