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Joshie    3

Any activity on the server, being discussed: along side IRL activity.


The server is running great as of right now, the changes that are happening are positivisely and absolutely in the right directions. 


This is also reflected in my IRL - so if anyone has been missing me on the server (thank you) and I’m sorry if things got a little weird. But I was doing everything to get to the stage, where I’m at right now. So now - it’s next stage. 


I start University studying Youth Work and Community Development, I’ve also moved out of ‘home’. This week. The whole rigmarole I’m experiencing is the same on both platforms - looking forward to the future. 

Stay with this, guys, this looking towards the possible future being of a positive nature and helpful and impactful. 


I guess, yeah I’m sorta known as a weird guy - in the server and in real life too. I’m okay with that. I accept it’s all for good work. 


Let’s just carry on updating, suggesting for updates. Going on what we feel could be infinitely beneficial to the outcomes of one outcome. Here. On Fury RSPS. And irl. Anything real. Anything real.

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The X    29
On 12-9-2018 at 9:04 PM, Lena said:

We're all weird in our own way, no worries! Good luck on your studies!:)

Not all of us, just you.

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Dreams    40

I was wondering where you went =] i though u got cleaned and quit. good to see you doing good in irl man keep it up. hope to see u in game soon

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