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Training dungeoneering efficiently

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Exivel    23

There have been a few people asking about what the most efficient method is to train dungeoneering.
Since it's a fairly slow skill which takes a lot of effort, you'd probably want to train the fastest possible way. i'll quickly try to explain this so you lads don't have to figure it out yourself.

So I did some tests and wrote the exp I achieved on each floor down. Keep in mind that the experience rates provided below are on the extreme gamemode, without any bonus exp and with every room completed within the floor. I did do C2 floors for this test since that's the quickest way to train. I would recommend to always open all the rooms since it drastically decreases your experience when you leave some rooms unopened. 


So as you can see, the most efficient method to train is by completing the highest floor you can do, and resetting your progress afterwards.
There is no point in doing all the floors and resetting. Having a high prestige barely increased the experience rate while it's time consuming to do the lower floors which will grant you less experience.

I Hope this clears some stuff up.

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