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18/09/18 - September Updates - Blood Trees and lots more!

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Fury    141

Hey guys and welcome to this weeks update thread! Its a juicy update for all of you and we hope you like it.

! Don't forget to update your client for the new client changes to take places !

Lets start with the first update 

Bloodwood Trees - These trees offer 100 experience more the Magic logs per log, and the log alches for 500k a log currently, and you can only get 50 per tree, this will be analyzed if it works for economy. Also to promote pking during the chopping of these trees it takes 6-12 seconds to chop a log, and if you die you will lose all your logs and pker will get 375k per log you had on you!


Another problem we have is we felt the client quest tab was being too cluttered, so we fully reworked it and separated thing's made it more user friendly, this is the second page and the first can be seen when logging in on the new client ;) Its a surprise 

new quest tab 2.png

Content Updates

  • Water runes are now passive when using tome of frost 
  • You can't lure Pk bots outside of where they spawned now
  • All the battleaxe proper animations have been added 
  • Cure plant should now be working and has been released and shows the proper runes required for it 
  • Fixed and reworked proper pathing for PvP so you won't get stuck behind object's now when chasing people as it will always find a path around the object now unless you are completely unreachable 

Content and Bug Fixes

  • Living Rock Cavern monsters fixed with the spawning and de-spawning
  • Dragon-bone Upgrade kit was been properly fixed
  • Npc gearing through king lanthus has been fixed with some prices being lower then they should of have been
  • Fixed NPC path finding with fight caves (was a huge pain in the ass) but enjoy fight caves now and get those fire capes!
  • Dragon arrows added to the fletch arrows achievement 
  • Loot 1000 implings achievement has been fixed now 
  • Any temporary item issues we had with equipping such as fire cape and ahrims robe top was fixed (was a problem which shouldn't have even happened) 
  • Longsword's speed has now been properly been fixed 
  • Brine saber was fixed now and should properly attack now 
  • Any disconnects from mass clicking should be fixed now 
  • Morrigans throwing axes should now give the proper amounts in the pvp box 

As you can see this update benefit's everyone! With the new quest tab and blood wood trees this will give PvP more activity and in turn generate more revenue for people who participate in the event

Bloodwood tree will make more sense with the wilderness slayer update we are planning soon. 

It was also important for us to fix bug's and make PvP more smoother with each update to make sure every style is usable and make sure the fight itself is fun and proper without a reason to blame the server and instead your own skill.

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Symbiotic    81

Awesome content-packed update here guys :D Can't wait to see how the server likes the bloodwoods trees and these bug fixes. You're really breaking my heart with holding off on Vote Store and Highscores tho... :/

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Zeesa    14

Awesome update! I'm definitely gonna check out dem bloodwood trees. Also very glad to see most of bugs people were experiencing are fixed :D

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