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19/09/18 - September Updates

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Nando    6

Bug fixes

  • Wishing-Well - You can only input whole numbers by mills. so for example; 1,200,000 is OK to input, but 1,200,001 is NOT.
  • Dungeoneering tab dissapearing should be fixed now.
  • Npc respawns; Rock crabs timer fixed and npcs being invisible/not showing has been fixed.
  • Rev cave 'invisible wall' has been fixed. It is now fully accessible.
  • Dfs effect has been rewritten. it now holds 50 charges max and deducts 1 charge every use. It has a cooldown of 1 minute after every use.
  • Teleporting method has been adjusted to fully block any incoming hits. (please report if anything still occurs)
  • Divine prayer drain has been fixed for magic hits (it did not apply correctly for magic hits before)
  • Cooking burn rate has been adjusted to be more realistic.
  • Bloodwood logs are now alchable.
  • Dag king tasks have been removed. A new task has been added as 'Dagganoth Kings' which all 3 will now fall under so you may kill any of the 3 for this task.
  • Player combat pathfinding has been adjusted so no more funny movements while combating.
  • Soulstones are no longer obtainable from any bots in deep wilderness. ONLY EDGEVILLE now.


  • Rare drops/announcements has been fixed.
  • Slayer exp has been fixed.
  • Berserker necklace effect for obsidian weapons has been added.
  • Player combat running up/disturbing position has been fixed.(safe spotting ect)
  • Soulstones x2 & pest points x2 displaying active on panel fixed.
  • Npcs attacking while dead has been fixed.

I will be doing ongoing bug fixes ect while I'm finishing up wilderness slayer so expect that soon. :)

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