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21/09/18 - September Updates

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Nando    6

Hellooo. I will be updating this as the day goes on and I do more.

  • dungeoneering rune counts has been fixed.
  • Dungeoneering spellbooks has been fixed.
  • Dungeoneering party panel has been fixed when finishing/leaving dungeons.
  • Added a new command for map problems in dung. use ::dungmap
  • Familiar draining/timers fixed.
  • Clue Scroll drops has been fixed.
  • Veracs tomb resetting on exit fixed.
  • Reminders to vote & join forums/discord is now automated every 15mins.
  • fixed damage prevention from npcs. so u don't gain exp anymore if the npc
    blocks the damage. It blocked the damage but exp was still being gained.
  • fixed players logging into a black map from a previous dungeoneering session.
  • workshops in POH will now update properly.
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Symbiotic    81

Maybe we could make clues trade-able one day? These are awesome updates nando keep them coming =) I still want vote store and highscores tho :(

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Ragnar    41

Whoa, that automation is some what a game changer for staff ;p

Anyways thanks for the update and keep up the solid work bro

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