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Player owned houses (POH)

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adamr    25

Majority of the things in POH aren't coded such as the games in the games room as well as the dungeon, which simply cannot be built. Furthermore, if we could get marble to be white over blue which looks like it was coloured in MS paint it would make houses look a lot cleaner. Finally, can we have an option to rotate rooms without removing the room completely and rebuilding it.

Thank you, very much for reading this suggestion :)


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Symbiotic    75


Very important to the server. Hopefully down the road we can get to this, but there are more important things to focus on right now, but still +1 from me.

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Ragnar    39

I would like to see House Parties make it's way to Fury, but yeah the house dungeons would have to be working. 

I don't see it happening right away, but like Sym said I can see it being done down the road in the future

House Parties was my shit back in the day! Definitely going to +1 this

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