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October Updates - 10/10/18 - The biggest update log on Fury

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Fury    141

The biggest update log in Fury history are you ready?

The work that has been put into this update is insane, and sadly it did take 10 days since the last update to release it, so bear with us and enjoy it!

Fully New tutorial is finally finished, the best part of it you can now get a fire cape and 5m if you kill the pk bot. You will get to experience the best gear Fury has to offer and will get taught things you never knew before about Fury as a new or old player. Hope you enjoy!





Another thing you guys wanted to be added was a statue collection bag, and guess what that is added, but will be added into the vote shop soon, or any other suggestions you guys have


While we are finishing up our drop interface and teleport we have added a ::whatdrops command so people can now find out what drops your dragon claws? 


Content Updates

  • Players can now recolor already colored items by using the item such as a blue SoL on the loyalty npc again to maybe make it pink?
  • Items worth over 100k will now be removed from the general store every 5 minutes 
  • Whip vine, and all the glacor boots will now be added to the world drop notification's 
  • A combat level limitation has been added to the easy wilderness slayer tasks 
  • Added more kalphite spawns to the kalphite caves and some that were missing 
  • Clue scroll drops has now been added to the drops command and examine NPC's option 
  • An edgeville lever has been added which will take you to 50 wilderness and then back to egde to promote the pking, no point of taking you to ardougne

Content and Bug fixes 

  • Elvargs head was sell-able for 5m, but now its alchable as well 
  • The skill 2x event which happens twice a day is finally fully fixed
  • Fixed clue types being dropped after you already have that one 
  • Corpreal beast has fully been fixed now, with all the attack animations and gfx and timers
  • Tormented demons have been fully reworked and fixed with the proper attack animations gfx and timers as well
  • Zamorak was a big pain in the ass as it had so much stuff to redo specifically, but that was also all fixed
  • Any other chamber monsters and other gwd bosses and minions have had their Attack animations and gfx and timers fixed also(the most important for most of you) 
  • Bloodwood tree and forsaken bloodwood tree has been all fixed(if you didn't know you couldn't chop the forsaken one, and it also gives double the logs) 
  • Leather crafting has been fully fixed and the cowl now displays correctly also the window will now close properly 
  • Thieving stall directions have now been corrected 
  • Wilderness Moss giants have been fixed now with the proper animations 

Sorry guys this update took so long, we promised it would come out earlier, but we kept adding in more and more amazing things. 

We will have another big update soon and that one will be even more packed then this one 

We will keep making Fury better thanks to your support and help guys with the bugs we have and content suggestions you guys offer us!

Lets also give a big thanks to Nando for doing an amazing job this update and for taking some of the work load while I was gone

I will be back now and the updates will be more action packed and insane, plus you will see me in-game more again because ill be back!

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Symbiotic    81

Thank you so much for this huge update, Fury and Nando! And just in time for my bday! These boss/gwd/pvm/wildy updates will greatly improve the quality of the server! Love u guys! haha can't wait for the vote store and highscores =)

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Dreams    41

nice job fury and nando! im going to make a new account to check out the New tutorial. keep up the hard work guys

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Ragnar    41

Thank you for this very big update!

I can't wait to see it tonight when I hop on :)

Thank you Fury and Nando for all these fixes awesome content updates as well. 

Edited by Ragnar

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