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October Updates - 17/10/18 - Our first custom interface on FURY EVER!

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Fury    141

I am so excited to finally announce our first interface which was hand made and took a lot of work to implement.

All this took a long time to produce this one interface, but its the start of something great with many more interfaces to come!


 So this is it, our Teleport interface!

It comes with a toggle to teleport the old way if wanted, but this way is 100x faster so no point really.


Content Updates

  • Molten glass making has now been added, the full process from seaweed to soda ash, to getting buckets of sand and using it on a furnace.
  • Any Slayer tasks assigned now will never be the same one you just had.
  • Also amazing new Nex sets have arrived in the donor store, these nex sets give half of the void bonus of what they are intended for, such as pernix now has the void effect but halved + the nex set effect making it the best in slot armor for any situation.

Bug and Content Fixes

  • We have recently discovered some memory leaks in old code left from the old development team, this has now been fixed for good and the small lag spikes you recently experienced should never happen again. This also now allows us to expand construction fully to the 2nd floors and to the dungeon floors.
  • Godwars dungeon was broken for a bit for hitting and spawning from the last update when we fully reworked it, this has now been fully fixed. forever and GWD should be very enjoyable to do now!
  • Fixed an issue with NPC's not processing or re-spawning properly due to height changes, such as slayer tower monsters and mithril dragons.
  • Bonus exp + vote book mixing together or separate has now been fully fixed as well .
  • We recently experienced an issue with shooting star, but that has been fixed so you should see your alien friend again now! 
  • Slayer tasks have now been fixed which still give a task when its on your cancelled list. 
  • Noted helmet of neitznot has been fixed now. 


We are sorry about this weeks lack of update, we were focused on fixing bugs and making a system to which we can implement all our future interfaces much quicker. 

We are also very happy to even now have an interface, its a big step forward into the right direction and we are excited to add interfaces to everything in Fury!

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Ragnar    41

Wow, that interface is. Just wow :o looks so clean and beautiful. 

Thank you for all these fixes as well and content updates!

Great job team :)


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Zeesa    14

Great job on the interface! I'm excited to see all the new things that can be accomplished with it.

+ yay for memory issue fix :)

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Zeesa    14

Few things I have noticed on the new interface:

* There is no X button, you can currently only cancel it by clicking in the minimap or actually teleporting somewhere. It might be nice to add this ability in case you still need to bank real quick.

* I'm missing a few skill specific teleports (I'm not sure whether these have purposely been removed or not). A few include:

     - Most farming patches teleports (Catherby, Falador, Ardougne, Tree Gnome Village, Taverly and Brimhaven) 

     - Mining (Varrock-east mine)

     - Isfadar teles you to the mining location, but there no longer an option for the hunting area or magic trees.

I can see why some of them might have been removed because you can walk to most of them pretty quickly, but I'd still prefer to use the old teleport system because of these important skilling teleports ):

Nonetheless, I think the interface is great and I love the favorite option. I just hope to see some of these teles being implemented at some point.

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Symbiotic    81

Awesome updates lads! This new interace is huge! Many players will enjoy it. GWD fix and mith drag fix will also make many players happy. Looking forward to vote store and highscores :D Also, maybe we can add a welcome back interface that includes new updates/announcements. just a thought.

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