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Hey guys I would like to start a discussion on the bosses we currently have in the game and they're drop tables.
the first boss I would like to be looked at is Qalphite Queen, the drops suck if I'm being honest really gives you no point to farm this unless its a slayer task and even then you'll just skip the task or do normal kaphites, what I suggest is to buff the table for some rare drops example: raw materials for skilling and maybe ornament kits instead of them being in the vote shop I would have to say it would be nice to see these things happen to other bosses like Giant mole and D-kings gives them more of a reason to go bossing.

I understand we wont to keep this a Pre Eoc server but adding things to this to make it great in its own way would be amazing like Boss pets or even adding in a New boss one Designed by Fury himself that drops unique rewards (higher tier weps) and even add in a fury amulet drop as well to the fury boss just would be iconic to receive a fury from the fury boss. Please can I get everyone's opinion on boss drops and new bosses, any way thanks for reading :) 


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