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November Updates - 02/11/18 - First Server with Stealing Creation

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Fury    141

Yes let it sink in, we didn't have an update for two weeks because we have been working on new insane interfaces, and of course STEALING CREATION to which we had to make 6+ separate interfaces to match the original ones from pre-eoc

We will be the first 317 with stealing creation or any server in 317-500 revision. This is a major because we will be finishing up the other minigame's which players loved and remembered and maybe fist of guthix might be next ;) 

I am so proud of this achievement that we will be going on and hiring youtuber's to let everyone know that we did it! And we will keep breaking records and make sure Pre-EoC servers can live on and prosper without any OSRS.

Stealing Creation 

sc lobby.png


sc reward shop.png

Fun with the Fury boys!

sc ingame.pngsc creation.png

Amount of clay left in a game, map and and clay amount scales with players in the game!

sc clay left.png

And when you finally win, coughs I mean lose :( You will get this amazing score board

sc finalk.png

New Drops Interface - Easy to use and noob friendly, just do ::drops

drop table.png

Content Updates

  • Warning message added to ::gamble command.
  • Added a Gamble block command which will prevent people from being cleaned.
  • Slayer helmet bonus has been added while on tasks.

Content and Bug Fixes

  • Tutorial accounts getting stuck has now been fixed.
  • Armadyl minion now fly around freely and are there to destroy YOU! 
  • Clue scrolls not dropping properly has been fixed. For example if you have a clue scroll tier you will not receive another one of the same tier until you finish the clue.
  • Tutorial rewards has been fixed because some people sometimes got two rewards instead of one! 
  • Pm chat options was temporarily broken due to adding new interfaces, but has been fixed. 
  • Bloodwood tree spawns have been fixed and now spawn in three locations, not just two.
  • Blood diamond has been fixed to teleport you to the new third location and so fort. 
  • Any issues related to teleport interface has now been fixed.

Sorry this update took so long, but all our focus was to make this mini-game happened, it was super difficult, but it has been done! 

We are now officially the first and we will keep expanding our mini-games and content this coming month. 

So tell your friends to hop on and enjoy Fury with us :)


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Zeesa    14

Great update! Thanks for the amazing new content and I'm glad to see most major bugs fixed.

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Symbiotic    81

Huuuuuuuuge update once again! Thanks Fury and Nando for all of ur help once again! looking forward to future updates. =)

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