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MaxMeOut Youtuber Application

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Maxmeout    24

There is No template from what i can see for this application so i while make my own.

Your Username: MaxMeout

Current Rank: Ruby

Time Zone: EST

Rank Being Applied For: YouTuber Rank   

Why You Think You Deserve This Rank:    I Believe i Deserve this rank by the amount of time i put into my guides, I have dropped 4 Guide's In 2 Days and Currently in the Process Of Making 7 more (4 Of My Own, 3 that I'm keeping low for Now but Fury Know's Of them)  I Plan to continue to help the growth of the server because as most of everyone else here this is a great server with a good backing behind It. If we could push it and make it more active it would be the best thing for the growth of Fury and the continued devolopment. Myself and Astro have both been working extremely hard recently to push guide's and help the server for the better. We have talked amongst each other about video idea's and what would be best for the server and to make sure we don't cross guide's so everything is new and fresh and exiciting and not just both of us pushing the exact same guide's. We want to create different guide's with various Styles and different Boss's/Skilling Guide's Series. We're working hard to get this server to a better steady player growth and i speak for myself and Astro when i say this we will continue to try to reach that goal with the best of our abilities. I have taught myself how to Edit/Make Video's/Titles/intro's Just for the sake of Fury i have worked hard to try to teach myself and have suceeded in doing so just to put out guide's for the community. It would be a honor to get this rank and i promise it would be a great thing to be able to work side by side with other's to see the continued growth of Fury and not let it come down without a fighting chance. I hope you guys take this into consideration when thinking about choosing Me for the rank.

Additional Info: I'm a really layed back person and i don't try to cause no drama. Just here to play and Have fun and create Content For Fury!    


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