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Astro Maddi

Complete Fury Tour Guide + Giveaway!

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Astro Maddi    34

Hello all players new and old! This video will be explaining all of the awesome features FuryPS has to offer!

Here is a list summary of the things that will be explored: -

- New interface
- Quick tour of home
- Stealing Creation
- Wildy Player Bots
- Wildy Slayer
- Poly dung
- Jadinko Lair
- Corporeal Beast
- Fully Working Nex
- Fully Working Queen Black Dragon
- Advanced Agility Courses
- Blood Tree
- Shooting Star
- Fully Working Dungoneering
- Construction
- Whole new teleport menu
- Working achievements and completionist cape
- Donator shop with high rewarding items
- Dzone (Mummy Warriors, NPC, Runite Ore, Coal, Teleport to Forinthry dungeon and KBD)
- Rzone (Forinthry Dungeon and KBD Teleport, All fishing spots, Grenwalls, Mummy Warriors, runecrafting ZMI altar
Skeletal Wyverns, 4 runite rocks + 4 adamatite rocks + 3 iron ore for 2 ticking, a furnace and bank deposit, Magic trees + yew trees,
dwarf guy to pickpocket for good money)

DISCLAIMER: I forgot to pick a third winner, here it isevidence.thumb.PNG.5bddd7f9bcc674f62d190e71e932173d.PNG

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