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23/12/18 - Such an amazing update - Castle Wars, Pets and other amazing things!

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Hello and welcome to this long over OVER due thread.

It has been taking a while to make because we are almost done with the next update already and were trying to prepare Fury for the holidays, which you will see next update for sure 

We have released Castle wars, A FUN mini-game for all to enjoy when more players are down to play mini-games, as we will add juicy rewards for having fun such as new hybrid armors? 


We have also added over 24 new pets with another pet expansion coming out next update. We are also thinking of adding dialogue to pets and pet renaming, what do you think? 



Content Updates

  • Polypore Degrading has been added and now you can use it for 3k casts before you need a recharge 
  • Ganodermic Degrading has also been added and will require you to refill those flakes!
  • Seaweed and Buckets of sand has been added to Jatix herb shop, this is to boost people wanting to make Molten Glass
  • Nex has a top 5 player damage indicator now giving all 5 top players for damage the loot, which means 5 people can get loot from one nex kill now. This system also applies to Corp and it has a top 3 damage indicator and gives 3 people the loot! Which means bossing with friends is now rewarding and faster.
  • Fire Cape sacrificing has been added to the Jad NPC in front of the fight caves. This is due to the new Jad Pet and allows you to gamble your fire capes for that rare juicy jad pet.
  • Mystery box has been added to loyality shop for 500k points and a $10 scroll for 2.5m points, which means the more you play Fury the more chances at free donator!
  • GWD Kill count requirements have been modified for donors and made better
  • New use action options with items from the Tool Belt
  • Snow has been added to match the Winter theme. Turn it off by doing ::snow in-game

Content and Bug Fixes

  • Stealing Creation money pouch fix has been added 
  • Dung binding and unbinding is now properly working, but may need another tweak 
  • Announcement fix's for the did you know 
  • Clan chat ranking fix has been added
  • Final Tool belt fixes, makes the tool belt perfect

Thank you for bearing with us for so long without an update thread or information. 

As you know Fury is back on Track with amazing updates and soon to be Amazing marketing. So tell your friends to come join you on the amazing adventure of FURY!

Happy Holidays Everyone from the Fury team!

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