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Chaos Elemental (easy peasy lemon squeezy)

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Chaos Elemental (safespoting) 

Part of the underappreciated series of  wildy bosses!



Why defeat Chaos Elemental?


- Source of high level seeds, and good items

- Can drop great items such as Statius Hammer and Vecna’s Skull, pvp boxes and corrupt scimmies!

- Great items for iron man (high level consumables and muddy keys)

- Easy and mostly safe

- Another great wildy boss ignored by lots of players



Chaos Elemental’s drop table:


The elemental has quite the diverse drop table. As you may see, I had to shop together two images to get the whole picture.



*All items are noted

**You can always check online with ::drops Chaos Elemental



Chaos Elemental Attack style:


- Melee (only when in close tile,good accuracy, good damage 20+)

- Magic (only when in close tile,good accuracy, good damage 20+)

(If you safespot him you won't need to worry!)




Method 1 – Cheap, Safe Setup


Total investment for setup - (all bought from merchants at home) – 220k (+400k for RoW)

Pros: Very cheap, straightforward setup, requires no special items and not even high levels.

Cons: If ruby (e) are the player's choice he will need to bring more food or familiars to offset the cost of the bolts activation. If the player goes with dragon bolts (e) the cost will be steeply increased.


Method 2 – A better, and more expensive setup



Total investment for setup - Oh, boy 1B+

Pros: Efficient setup, with higher drop chances and no need for ammo.

Cons: Very expensive and with it comes a higher risk (remember there’s pkers not too far from you, and I personally don't think the drop rate is a good enough trade off for this setup)


Gettting there


The greatest risk you’ll face is getting to Chaos elemental. The teleport takes you very close to both the Chaos elemental and the lvl 50 free for all in the obelisks. I’ll then propose two methods to reach the boss:


Method 1 – Fastest!


Fury has set up a direct teleport (thx pal) to the boss.



You’ll be dropped inside rogue’s Castle, from where you run south and then west to chaos Elemental;



Method 2 - Safest!


From home, go south to the edgeville lever. Pull it and you’ll be teleported to the deserted keep.




Run, north, slash a web, then proceed south east according to route




The fight!



This wildy boss has the easiest fight of them all, as you can safespot it behind a pile of rubble.


1. Engage the Chaos elemental (hit it and run north)



2. There will be some rubble in a semi-cross pattern. Stand behind it and safespot CE




3. Have some fun and talk with good folks while slaying CE



The way Back!


The way back is the reverse of the second method to get to CE.

You’ll run from the Elemental’s position to northwest, slash a web at the keep, run south and finally pull the lever. According to the following route.






- Take an adequate familiar with you, might help with loot or damage!

- The re spawn time of a chaos elemental is 1 minute, and you can get loaded with stuff in a single hour of CE slaying.

- On downtime from Chaos elemental you can kill or pickpocket nearby rogues or even do a little pk, if you’re feeling lucky ;)



Enjoy Slaying Chaos Elemental


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