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Bug Fixes - 18/01/2018

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Greg    113

Hey all, as you may of noticed the amount of updates dropped a lot with construction so we're trying a new tactic, we'll be alternating days; first day being bug fixes/a smaller content update, the 2nd day spent working on larger content. This way we can still work on the cool large content but it won't leave big gaps in-between updates :)


  • New shooting star system
  • Achievements give cash rewards! (everyone will be given cash for currently completed on login) (10k easy, 50k med, 100k hard, 2m elite)
  • Examine npc displays drop table
  • Added ornament and spiked kits adding & splitting (wasn't mean to be added previously)


  • Evil tree added to player panel (quest tab)
  • Evil tree now spawns 10 minutes after server start
  • Shooting star now spawn 30 minutes after server start
  • Guide at home no longer walks around
  • Increased evil tree coin rewards
  • Evil tree now has potential of giving 2 extra rewards
  • Significantly decreased amount of nurturing an evil tree sapling requires
  • Disabled falador house crate clue scroll (as fix wasn't working)
  • Evil tree animations when on fire
  • Prayer switching now toggles correctly while teleporting
  • Interfaces now close and actions shop when under attack
  • Claim vote and ::drops commands decreased to every 10 seconds


  • Mountain camp clue position fix
  • Evil tree clue scroll reward
  • Evil tree reward object disappearing for all players/on logout
  • Evil tree sapling percentage
  • Fixed make 500 steel titan pouches achievement
  • Achievements now give correct descriptions when clicked
  • Fixed "get off the floor" achievement
  • "Target already in combat" error fix
  • Tzhaar-ket-om walk animation fix
  • Fixed evil tree magical banking

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