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Giant Mole - 27/01/2018

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Greg    113

Just a small update today, working on some larger content which you'll see early on next week, giant mole is aimed more at the mid tier players, however skins and claws can be exchanged with Wyson in falador park for bird's nests for herblore :)


  • Giant mole


  • Increased friend referral list size from 10 to 100 (rewards still limited to 10)
  • Added stone slabs & molten glass to the construction shop


  • Fixes to the player file backup system
  • Fixed player banning kicking other people
  • Wilderness course agility arena exit gate fix
  • Fixed skeleton's health
  • Fixed water fiends charm drops
  • Fixed picking up stacked items
  • Fixed Jadinko's combat bonuses


01-27-2018 08-34-25 PM.png

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Badman    17

Stacked item pickup fix is nice :) can we expect a fix for rc altars teleblocking you before the bonus xp weekend is over? (and possibly a buff for xp since it's so low)

Edited by Badman

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Holt    0

Molten glass is no longer in the construction store. I attempted to make molten glass manually as you would on RS via bucket of sand/soda ash on furnace but nothing happens. Tried the 'Superglass Make' Lunar spell which 'makes glass without a furnace' but again, nothing happens.

Can you please add molten glass to the store or have it so you can make them? Thanks.

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