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Bug Fixes - 28/01/2018

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Greg    113


  • Shooting star now gives 1/10 chance of a golden mining suit piece (if you haven't got that piece already)
  • Golden mining suit gives 1.5% bonus mining experience per piece warn


  • Elite void is no longer tradeable
  • Changed teleport click delay from 4.5 to 2 seconds
  • Can no longer access ironman zone via fairy ring


  • Fixed nechryaels in dungeoneering
  • Fixed teleport tabs
  • Balmung animations
  • Chop evil tree crash fix
  • Loyalty shop spelling mistake
  • Fletching data & fixes
  • Fixed gargoyle auto smashing
  • Sneakerpeeper pet idle animations
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Muse    28

Some great improvements!


I can't wait for my mining suit to be honest!

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Badman    17

I don't think tradeable void is terrible, means you can donate for it and sell it, and it gives people a reason to do pest control after having a full set, since it's a minigame that struggles to get enough players.

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