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First Adventure - 01/02/2018

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Greg    113

So you might not be a beginner but we wanted to let you experience the "First Adventure" quest, speak with the Fury Sage located north-east of the bank in edgeville. Completing the quest gives some neat untradeable weapons & a juicy experience lamp. The quest will be offered to new players (with a skip option too) to help them get started and where to find things around home :D
02-01-2018 09-01-06 AM.png

  • "First Adventure" Quest; introduction tutorial for new players
  • Space bar can now be used to continue dialogue
  • New faster cache download host + backup host
  • Tzhaar tokkul shop (it's back, finally!)


  • Changes to client zoom limits
  • Grand exchange search now supports more items (dominion weapons + other rs3)
  • Tweaks to some item prices
  • Changes to shops, additions to donation point shop
  • Cache download speed cap increased from 4mb to 20mb/s


  • Login background border fix for resizable mode
  • Fixed grand exchange crash
  • Frost dragon crash fix
  • Evil tree text fix

02-01-2018 09-17-34 AM.png

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