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Bug Fixes - 04/02/2018

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Greg    113

Lots and lots of bug fixes, thanks for the reports guys :)


  • ::slayer command for quick teleports to slayer masters
  • Improvements to all dragon combat scripts
  • New dragonfire damage calculations
  • Can now close interfaces with escape key
  • Toggle attack option priority in settings menu
  • Toggle removing zoom caps in settings menu (for users with very large screens, not recommended to use, will cause visual bugs)


  • Item equip, shop bought & qbd required level now use max level not current
  • Changes to received damage calculations; Famiiliar only kills count towards slayer task
  • Summoning obelisks now restore familiar health to full
  • Npc's now have the potential to drop twice as many charms
  • Bones on altar now gives x3.5 xp @ home
  • House altars now give +x1 more than normal (so up to x4.5)
  • Combat target delay changed from 8s to 6s
  • Logout combat delay changed from 10s to 8s


  • Fixed hunter and construction item level requirements
  • Fixed slayer exp with a familiar
  • Basilisks tasks no longer assigned if under 20 defence
  • Catherby bank pathing tile fix
  • Grand exchange note/unnote fix
  • Fixed rune rocks in dzone
  • Prayer level requirement fix
  • Mountain camp clue scroll coords fix
  • Fixed combat delay times
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