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Bug Fixes - 11/02/2018

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Greg    113

Working on serious game engine improvements atm so no content updates for a while until that is complete, also no update schedule atm, I explained more on this post


  • Ironmen can now use nurse


  • Non-tradeable items dropped on death in wilderness now turn to coins
  • Blessing now adds 10 minutes not 60 to gravestones
  • Ironmen can now access construction shop
  • Ironmen can now access agility ticket shop
  • Ironmen can now trade melee shop at home for jewelry (temporary until jewelry making is added)
  • Rfd gloves are now untradeable
  • Ironmen can no longer buy items from merchants store


  • Dungeoneering smuggle fix (from few days back)
  • Items on death interface crash if no items
  • Various player save file fixes
  • Fixed items dropped on death on disconnect not showing
  • Double gravestone item drop fix
  • Gravestone counter removed on collapse
  • Offline log file command fixes
  • First adventure quest fixes for slayer section at the end
  • Gamemode tab refreshed on account creation
  • Disabled "has just joined" showing multiple times for the same player
  • Disabled region deactivating (which is the cause to invisible npcs/not respawning)
  • Wilderness agility gate bug fixes

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