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Strange Rocks & Daily Events - 22/02/2018

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Greg    113

Something strange has happened with skills, random pieces can be found while training the following skills: agility, herblore, farming, crafting, runecrafting, mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, firemaking, woodcutting, fletching, thieving, construction & hunter. Each skill has 2 pieces to be collected, which can be added to the statue at home in exchange for experience & skill points (see quest tab). Once the statue is complete it will be reset once a week.

Also four time day on week days there will be 2 double pest control points & 2 random non-combat skill double exp events which last 1 hour each.


  • Stranger Rocks
  • Daily event system 


  • Removed elf from home
  • Changes to point handling & saving [dev]


  • Fixed file cleaning on server restart (voting/daily donor points)


Strange rock rewards:

  • Penance horn - +0.5% bonus mining, firemaking & agility experience
  • Magic secateurs - +10% experience & increase amount of produced received from farming
  • Cooking gauntlets - reduces the chance of burning while cooking
  • Goldsmith gauntlets - x2.5 experience when smelting gold bars
  • Golden hammer - +1% bonus experience when smithing
  • Ring of fire - +2.5% bonus experience when firemaking
  • Gloves of silence - increased chances of successful pick pocketing
  • Magic butterfly net - increased chances of catching imps


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