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Rare drop table, filter & more - 02/03/2018

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Greg    113

Lot of small-medium changes today, you can now filter game messages by right clicking the "game" button under the chat box and selecting filter. We've also introduced a rare drop table; a 1/1000 (effected by row's) chance of receiving rewards valued on average ~1m to help new players but also worth while for everyone else too. And rare drops are now announced to the whole server :)


  • Game chat message filtering
  • Npc death/drops rewrite
  • Boss drop announcements
  • Rare drop table
  • ::moveto command for admins


  • Decreased nex shadow rate
  • Dragonstone ring (i) renamed to Ring of wealth (i)
  • Ring of wealth effects now shown on drop tables


  • Farming strange rock fix
  • Combat bracelet entering to warriors guild
  • Bank tab lost if over capacity
  • Grand exchange unnotable items fixed & broken slots auto removed
  • Fixed donate admin command
  • Setup a cannon achievement fix
  • Gravestone correctly removes timer on collapse
  • Strykewyrm stomping fix
  • Ice strykewyrm attack speed & bonuses fixed
  • Fixed getting stuck on gnome agility course log
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hilley911    0

Nice Update thank god for the donation command fix lol cause i still havent had my $8 donated transfered to my totally amount on hilley911 lmao


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