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Alternative methods to Donating - RSGP - Giftcards + More

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Fury    140

This is the thread to find out if you can donate in another way if Paypal is not an option for you! 

First Alternative - RSGP

The easiest way to donate should be from playing your favorite game! Maybe you have left over gp and you want to donate. Guess what, RSGP has value.

These rates are updated constantly 

OSRS GP - $0.6 a MIL

RS3 GP - $0.1 a MIL


Second Alternative - Gift Cards/PaySafe

Amazon Giftcard - $10 = $9 worth of donations, if its $100 in giftcard we will give $100 in donations

Any other giftcards such as subway and etc $10 = $8 in donations.

Paysafecards = 1:1 

How to use alternatives - Who to message?

The people to message are as follows 

Fury - You can message me InGame any time. :)

Old - He can accept small amounts and inform us if a large amount over $100 is being given.



Thank you so much if you donate! It helps Fury out a lot!!!!!



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