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Rare drop table drops

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The Rare Drop Table
Some information on how the rare drop table (RDT) works and what items you can receive.
All combat npc's have the chance to drop from the RDT, by default the chance is 1/1000.
If you have a regular ring of wealth the chance becomes 1/900, an imbued ring of wealth 1/800.

If you "hit" the RDT then an item from either one of the two sub-tables (depending on row again) will be dropped.

Common table

Name Amount - Alch Value

Raw karambwan x200 - 365K (365,800gp)
Dragon dagger (p) x50 - 855K (855,000gp)
Rune pickaxe x100 - 1M (1,920,000gp)
Rune arrow (p++) x1000 - 1M (1,487,000gp)
Amulet of glory (1) x35 - 1M (1,511,440gp)
Combat bracelet (2) x30 - 1M (1,206,330gp)
Runite limbs x100 - 951K (951,600gp)
Dragon impling jar x2 - 695K (695,400gp)
Dwarf weed seed x25 - 680K (680,000gp)
White berries x200 - 543K (543,400gp)
Grimy torstol x10 - 549K (549,000gp)
Pure essence x5000 - 575K (575,000gp)
Dragon arrowtips x200 - 377K (377,600gp)
Spirit shards x10000 - 250K (250,000gp)
Spirit shards x20000 - 500K (500,000gp)
Raw monkfish x250 - 149K (149,500gp)
Runite ore x30 - 471K (471,000gp)
Agility arena ticket x40 - 40 (40gp)
Cannonball x2000 - 584K (584,000gp)
Frost dragon bones x35 - 672K (672,000gp)
Red spiders' eggs x1000 - 456K (456,000gp)
Dragon bones x100 - 634K (634,700gp)


Name Amount - Alch Value

Saradomin brew (2) x1000 - 5M (5,581,000gp)
Silver ore x500 - 6M (6,110,000gp)
Crystal key x5 - 368K (368,500gp)
Vote Book x1 - 1 (1gp)
Dagannoth bones x15 - 202K (202,500gp)
Mystic robe top x50 - 3M (3,615,000gp)
Uncut onyx x1 - 2M (2,530,000gp)
Magic stone x2 - 4M (4,950,000gp)
Marble block x3 - 3M (3,825,000gp)
Gold leaf x4 - 3M (3,180,000gp)
Torstol seed x10 - 4M (4,049,000gp)

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