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Road to Perfectionist Destroyer of the skills

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ThonySlk    0
Posted (edited)

Greetings everyones

Here, you can see my goals and my smalls purposes.

1: CompCape -> On RuneScape3, CompCape need a lot of time. I don't have this chance with my job & girlfriend. So with Fury server,  this personnal goal can be possible.

MaxCape -> I achievement the MaxCape on RS3, but with the Skill Invention, think I'm 80+ on this Skill, I don't have the time too for that.

120 Combat Skills -> If I'm bored for CompCape or it's just impossible to get, I love the idea to make 200M on Melee Skills, Mage, Ranged, Prayer, Summon & Slayer for 120 Capes.

PvM all the way -> I like PvM so, if I can fight with the others members of Fury, i'm glad of that.


For know, I am 117/152  Achievements,
And the most difficult tasks I according left:

5,000 Bones
Offer 5,000 Bones: 110/5k
Mine 1,000 runite ore:  Succes
Smith 1,000 runite 70/1k
Kill 10,000 monsters 2,140/10k
Defeat 500 Boss monsters 95/500
Teleport 10,000 5,800/10k
Pickpocket 5,000 people:  0,004/5k
Loot 1,000 Impling: Succes
Laps 1,000: 135/1k

- AnthonySlk

120 Capes dones;



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