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Quality of life - 07/04/2018

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Greg    113

Engine update is still in testing stages but we hope to have it out at some point next week. :)


  • Increased barrows drop rate
  • Skilling resource banks for collecting skills (mining, fishing, woodcutting) (open to more suggestions)
  • Reset vote command for admins
  • Jad projectile delay improvements
  • Chat box text wrapping (see pic)
  • Master cape particles


  • Nurse healing no longer removes boosted stats
  • Added hexcrest, focus sight & dragon hatchet to drop announcements list
  • Changed vesta longsword & sol animations
  • Can no longer telegrab in jail
  • Pack yak special no deposits one stacked item at a time
  • Switched adze/dragon pickaxe use priority
  • Ironmen now have access to nomad's store


  • Chat box scrolling
  • Comp/max cape colour editor: item match copying
  • Foor items displaying duplicates on different height levels
  • Spawning familiars on login removing pouches
  • Yell colours
  • Ranged clipping check (can no longer telegrab/cannon through walls)
  • Star sprite reward dialogue fix
  • Fixed all by 1 ores in al kharid mine
  • Dominion sword female equip offset

04-04-2018 08-31-30 PM.png

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