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Game Graphics Settings Breakdown

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Greg    113

Some of the new settings which are coming out with tomorrows update need some explaining as to what they are and whether you should/shouldn't disable them. By default SD will now disable everything to achieve the best performance possible (at the cost of visuals). Where HD mode will enable most to achieve a better visually looking game, at the cost of slight performance decrease. Performance ultimately depends on your computer specifications so customise these settings to you situation. Also bare in mind running the client in resizable will decrease performance and you should decrease your settings to improve gameplay.

Effect on performance key:

approx fps drop when activated (depends completely on computer specs)

  1. Low ~0-1fps
  2. Medium ~2fps
  3. High ~5fps
  4. Extreme ~35fps

Graphics settings

  • Mini map shadows - "HD minimap"
  • Texture details - floor details & textures such as rooves
  • Rooves (roofs) - multiple levels of buildings displayed
  • Fog - blurs background where objects start to go out of view (only possible with depth buffer active)
  • Particles - trails behind some capes & items
  • Depth buffer - model clipping/drawing order (disabling will cause particles to show on top of everything)
  • Smooth shading - blur on shadows to make smoother
  • Anti aliasing - smooths edges: creating an "ultra hd" look - only recommended for screenshots will cause lag for most.
  • Field of view - curves camera display for widescreen viewing (only visible if screen is wider than 1080p).
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