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Game Engine - 21/04/2018

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Greg    113

Woo finally! This one's been in the making for literally months. Thanks to Urinal, Badman & Watari, they have been testing it for a few weeks however there will be bugs so make sure to report them to me so I can get them fixed asap.


  • Agility arena timers & fixes
  • Emotes redo: max, comp, dung, turkey, seal
  • Direction facing; on login, spell casting, new region etc...
  • New game loop system (Should making interacting/actions snappier)
  • New game tick/timer system
  • New player/mob sync system
  • Player variable saving system


  • Imp jar loots


All the listed things have been converted entirely to a new programming language (from java -> kotlin), organised, cleaned out and documented: this will make adding content around them much quicker, and easier in the future for updates such as pvp.

  • Floor items
  • Vote book rewards
  • Players
  • Mobs
  • Familiars
  • Items
  • Objects
  • Projectiles
  • Messages
  • Game world
  • Multi combat areas
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Muse    28

Thanks for working so hard Greg, we love you!

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Old    17

Greg for president ! Thank you !!!!

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