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Strykewyrm Slayer Bug

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Ragnar    39

So I decided to turn on my Exp counter to see how much exp I would get from my tasks start to finish, since I usually leave it off unless when bossing and noticed I was getting less slayer exp on some kills. I asked Fury if this was a bug and he assured me it was, so I grabbed some screenshots to report the bug.

As shown 336 exp is about my normal slayer exp rate on Legend per Desert Strykewyrm. I've noticed this only happens with strykewyrm tasks Screenshot_43.thumb.png.60db667739a65bccc91c8ebc778001ed.png


As shown in this screenshot, you only see me getting summoning exp for having the Charming Imp and get 0 slayer exp for a kill.



And in this last screenshot, you can see me getting a tiny amount of exp like if I was killing low tier slayer monsters



Thanks for reviewing this, and I hope it gets patched soon! Love you guys.


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